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Advice on a Condi/Medic Thief?

Kallist.5917Kallist.5917 Member ✭✭✭
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Ive been getting bored with the traditional roles for a Thief and wanted to try Medic Thief in things like Fractals(before anyone says anything, the Fractals team usually consists of 3 friends and a Guildie/pub, so im not worried about the team being upset by it), but before I actually start to spend gold on it, I figured I'd ask what everyone thinks would work well with it.
What I'm considering so far:
Was considering SB for the interrupts and breakbar damage, and P/D for normal damage.
Utilities Smoke screen, Shadow Step, and Shadow refuge for helping allies get back up/stealth.
Heal: Its a tossup between Skelk Venom and HiS, Both seem useful, but the Venom seems like it would be a lot less selfish.
Elite: Another undecided. I know I SHOULD take Basilisk Venom for the breakbar, but SB really does melt them quick.

Was thinking Plaugedoctor for my stats. In fact, I havent even looked at the others because of how much I'm currently in love with the idea of Plaugedoctor.
And thats about as far as Ive gotten. Thoguths?


  • saerni.2584saerni.2584 Member ✭✭✭✭

    You could use Skelk Venom for your heal and then use DE and Payback.

    You then get 20% cooldown reduction per kill of NPCs marked by you. That with the Venom will help keep your allies alive with venom sharing.

    Northern Shiverpeaks (NSP)
    Deadeye (Thief)
    Commandant of P/D and Apex Predator

  • Zacchary.6183Zacchary.6183 Member ✭✭✭
    edited August 7, 2019

    I'm waiting for gw2skills to update before i make/test one
    EDIT: They updated the living kitten out of their site but it is too late for me to make one. Tomorrow tho. ;^)

  • Kallist.5917Kallist.5917 Member ✭✭✭
    edited August 7, 2019

    Ok, so here's what Im thinking so far.
    Running Shadow step because its just so nice. And Shadow Refuge is there due to its great ability to Res when paired with Merciful Ambush.
    The first one is an optional, I love the new Thousand Needles trap, but it requires the enemy to stand in it. The Poison Venom shared out can stack some high levels, Smoke Screen is an awesome defensive. And Binding Shadow is a good slot if you run it with One in the Chamber.
    Deadly arts is setup for the standard Condi options.
    Shadow Arts setup for heals.
    And Deadeye for Payback. Because as Saerni.2584 mentioned, that 20% reduced recharge is nuts in PVE. For the last option, I'm thinking about taking Maleficent Seven to help keep the Thief's sustain going. The 7 Malice isn't really too hard to generate in PVE, and the reward of 6 boons and 7 Initiative really helps keep a Thief's sustain going.
    If the group DPS isn't what it should be, I'd be able to swap to Fire for Effect and One in the Chamber to help generate might on the party.

    Runes on my Armor. Im really not sure here. Considering either Berserker Runes to help my sagging damage output, or Runes of Mercy for that one party member who just cant stay up,

  • Zacchary.6183Zacchary.6183 Member ✭✭✭
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    I made a DrD Medic that focuses on countering stomps and general +1 assistance. Its has ample amounts of stealthing opportunities and blinds. It's melee set is s/p and ranged set is SB to take advantage of shadowstep healing and interrupts for Pulmonary Impact on both sets. I also decided on Signet of Malice as the heal for 2 reasons. 1.) Quick blind and stealth. 2.) With full Marshal, passive self heal is 199 which is applied every time an attack lands. This passive heal on top of all the siphons available should make up for it's squishiness.

    My Utility choices settled on using Smoke Screen, Shadowstep, Seal Area and Thieves Guild. As I have said before, this build focuses on countering stomps so something like Seal Area as a second Smoke Screen and Thieves Guild as a tool to attack someone mid stomp.

    Feel free to tweak and test it.

    Well I've been running this build for quite some time. I had good success in smaller groups focusing on sharing venoms, giving might, and reviving ppl back to 85%+ but with the recenpdates to sa traitline and mercy rune, I have to new kinks to iron out as well.

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