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Getting Error Reports When on Dragonflight Story, Party Play

Xasake.1346Xasake.1346 Member
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So, i was trying to get the "Salt on the Wound" achievement with a group of people, and was the story host at that time .
We were having no problem until, we entered the Dragonflight story part, where i'm getting error report. Only me.
We tried it again, and got the error report again.
My teammates said the story was still going for them, and they can still see me being there.
But soon, after i closed my error report, the game closed, and kicked them out of the instance.
I could see the UIs, but the entire screen is white as the error report popped up.
Then one of my teammate decided to take the lead instead, and she also getting the same error report as i did.

I fixed the client, and tried it again. Still getting error report. Surprisingly i got no error report when doing the story alone.

Anyone else having this problem too?


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