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Something happened to my tirnket

So I theres this ascended ring with ferocity, precision, power and concentration that im looking for but i cant seem to find. I only have a set of expertise and concentration trinkets and I constantly swap them between characaters. I think something happened to my concentration ring. I think it was accidentally deleted, which is unlikely but not impossible, or there was a bug and it got deleted somehow. Ive searched my bank many times and check the inventory of all my characters and I still cant find it. Maybe im crazy and I never had two concentration rings. Has this ever happened to anyone? What can or should I do to get my ring back? Am I going insane because ive been reading too much lovecraft?


  • Many trinkets with choosy-stats were reset not long ago. You might have not remembered to choose Diviner's on "both." Or it's possible you still have a ring that needs to have the stats chosen.

    It might be easier, though, just to buy a new one with LS3 or LS4 materials.

    Alternatively, you can use GW2 Efficiency to search for all your ascended rings to see what you do have, without having to swap characters. GW2 Timer is another option.

    Both sites require creating an API key that allows them to inspect your account (doesn't have access to anything other than identify your gear, characters, and the like; doesn't identify your logon credentials or anything private/personal).

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