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Quickness/Might/Alicrity are the strongest boon the game has

Will these boons stay the same? and will the classes that wield these boons stay the same also?

I myself had some idea's about these boons but those idea's felt weak and incomplete (binding the boons to runes)
That's the reason why I am asking what your thoughts on these boons are and the future of these boons.

I myself got this feeling that Might will stay the same for the entire GW2 life while Quickness/alicrity may get warped one way or another


  • They really should just leave them be like they are and fix the games balance around established boons

  • I don't think we players can even offer an educated guess. Clearly, ANet has changed the original implementation of quickness and alacrity, such that those boons can be generated by more specializations than before. And generating might has become easier.

    They've also changed stats and other boons to work differently in the past, sometimes in minor ways, sometimes more significant.

    I think it's safe to say that ANet is always looking at the best ways to create dynamic tension within and between classes and specs, from encounter to encounter. If they discover that gameplay would imprve by making might less or more powerful, making it stack only in duration instead, or whatever... then they'll change it. (And there will be rioting in the streets because people don't like change, and some very smart players will have all sorts of numbers to show why it's worse... and we'll adapt and go on as if it was always that way.)

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