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Weaver snowcrow rotation?

wefal.8426wefal.8426 Member ✭✭
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Why snowcrow rotation for sword/dagger weaver use only fire/lightning? Is it really the most effective way to max dmg?
Feels like half of ele potential goes to waste when you use only half your kit.


  • Auburner.6945Auburner.6945 Member ✭✭✭
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    Because of three things:

    1. The skills' damage value and damage coefficient are higher in these two attunements.
    2. The trait lines picked for the build are Fire and Air, which means that the max damage potential will be in the two attunements only.
    3. Weaver has a trait, Elemental Polyphony, this trait is damage based, only when in Fire or Air, or both.

    Also keep in mind that you need the 100% Elements of Rage uptime, which will only be a thing when using just 2 attunements.

  • steki.1478steki.1478 Member ✭✭✭✭

    On top of other comment: earth and water don't do almost any direct damage.

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  • The Fresh Air build does go into water for Twin Strike. But yes, Fire/Air are the offensive attunements, while water/earth are the defensive ones.

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