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Conjure weapon after GG

Talindra.4958Talindra.4958 Member ✭✭✭✭

hi... I think conjure weapon stacks need to nerf. after GG the conjure weapon still hanging around.. it should pooof disappear when the owner is gg-ed or group gg-ed
otherwise this can be one exploit for speed run.

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  • There is no reason for this post. If you nerf this you'll basically just remove the fun for about 20-30 people as noone else besides some actual hardcore groups use this strat. If you actually knew how this worked, you probably would see that it's harder than just a simple bug abuse.
    If you nerf this, nothing will change. Not everyone uses this and every speedrun uses some sort of prestacking. Do you then also want to remove the prestacking of boons before any fight cuz that's also a thing that you can't do in your open-world Tequatl kill : (

  • Asum.4960Asum.4960 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited August 12, 2019

    All these excessive pre-stack speedrun strategies take so much time and effort to set up that they aren't worth doing for the vast majority of players in daily runs (even if they had the skill to pull them off, especially that quickly).
    They look impressive in Youtube videos or can be some fun if you really want to tryhard sometime even it it may not be worth it time/effort wise, and that's about it. I don't think that warrant's a nerf.

    If it was almost everybody doing this, then yea, Anet should probably look into it. But I would love to see people try.

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  • mindcircus.1506mindcircus.1506 Member ✭✭✭✭

    And here I thought senseless nerf-baiting posts were only for PvPers who don't recognize their own low skill cap.

    Live and learn.

  • thrag.9740thrag.9740 Member ✭✭✭

    From what I can see the fgs are just a small part of their opening burst. You can see later in the fight they burst through phase 2 just as fast, and the ele doesn't even summon an fgs again until phase 3. I really don't think its worth worry about. Its just that the aoe lasts long enough that using those fgs was better than sitting there doing nothing while you wait for the boss to become vulnerable. There are more pressing issues for the gw2 fractal/raid team, such as fixing bugs in wing 7 (better yet, removing the gate event entirely).

  • Lord of the Fire.6870Lord of the Fire.6870 Member ✭✭✭
    edited August 29, 2019

    @Talindra.4958 said:
    hi... I think conjure weapon stacks need to nerf. after GG the conjure weapon still hanging around.. it should pooof disappear when the owner is gg-ed or group gg-ed
    otherwise this can be one exploit for speed run.

    The weapons isn't the problem if there is even a problem like others said it is just the initial burst. Problem is much more that GG can be used to overstack in fractals nearly everything + some skips. Chrono's SoI got it second nerf because of this too. At the end of this thread we had a similar video + discussion before gfs was also mentioned.

    The current high end meta is at the moment so full of stuff which are on the boarder of cheating changing your weapon shouldn't be possible after a fight has started. Okay it has to do with the definition when a fight starts but I don't want to go in my bag while I normally doing my fights. I mentioned this because in wvw I had also a public commander which wanted from all FB that they go buying a hammer and using it out of their bags.

    How that went ? Spoiler nobody bought a hammer xD

    Also Fractals have a large amount of content skips in them most of them are small and insignificant but then there are some which are large and should have fixed ages ago and hear that my guild mates reported them years ago(like that thing on the wvw map) other got reported recently are there still there ? I don't know . Its is a just a bit too much I feel

  • cryorion.9532cryorion.9532 Member ✭✭✭
    edited August 30, 2019

    Uhm... so when hardcore players (the ones that haven't quit the game yet) in maxed gear with near-perfect rotations refine their strategy around something, some random player finds it too strong and wants nerf? Can you or 99.9% of playerbase pull this off? This is something that requires a lot of practice, coordination and of course, effort. Beyond disgusting.

  • Nephalem.8921Nephalem.8921 Member ✭✭✭

    Of all the broken stuff in fractals you've chosen this? DH precasting traps, Feel my Wrath and SLB with moa stance are in its own league. In the video you posted, do you see the major problem? It's not that you have a precasted fgs. It's that you don't even need a quickness support because prestack with moa stance is enough to keep it for an entire fight. One dh alone is able to spread close to 16s quickness with this without any investment into boon duration or dps drop. 2 of them precast like 50 seconds without any trait or boon duration investment!
    And you've chosen the conjure share to complain about?