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Raid: Fragments

wefal.8426wefal.8426 Member ✭✭

I have a silly suggestion: add wipe/attempt fragments.

I may have only 23 Li and 0 fragments of X and Y raid boss, but by the gods, I know the mechanics perfectly.
For example; I know Qadim the Peerless and Twin Largos by heart, but I doubt if any group will take me. The amount of times my squad wiped is too kitten high that by now I know all the mechanics.

If only there was some sort of wipe fragment that you get. Lets say if you reach the final phase of that boss (meaning you experienced all its mechs) you get 1 fragment if your squad wipe.

Anyway, silly idea/rant over. Peace.


  • The only Things u can Do is like lead Ur own squad or join a guild. Wipe proofs would be senseless no one would ask for it, and even if u Show them as proof ppl would not take u

  • You are already rewarded for your efforts/progress towards a boss starting at 75% in the form of "pity" shards/crystals. There's no reason people should have GH decorations (or kill proof) for a boss that they've never killed.