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[VZ] Valor Zeal - PvE - Stormbluff Isle (NA)

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[VZ] is a relatively medium-sized PvE guild on the Stormbluff Isle server. A core tenet of the guild is to be a super casual group with the freedom to play the game how you want to and to be great players with great attitudes while we do it. The following part is emphasized because it's an important part of who we are.

We are not a guild that chews people up and spits them out, nor are we looking for people who treat a guild strictly as a tool. We want players who are self-motivated, fun-loving, relaxed, and enjoyable to be around. We want you to be our friend, not just another member of a guild.

We're quite accomplished players with tons of experience and a casual attitude, and we're looking to grow by meeting like-minded individuals. The guild has no website and no mandatory voice chat, though we do have an optional Discord / TS server for WvW and events. The guild is small enough that we'd like to get to know you as people, and we want to make friends. We're extremely willing to mentor and help out newer players, and are happy to show you some of the rigs of the game. In addition to this, a number of people in our guild suffer from severe social anxiety, so while we're friendly and sometimes chatty, sometimes we do our own things quietly. Being OK with that is important to fitting into the culture of the group!

If you're interested in the guild, contact one of the officers (myself included) in the list below. We don't do a trial or anything like that, and all we'll ask of you is to chat with you for a bit to get a feel for the type of person you are. Remember, you get out of a guild what you put into it. The more talkative and friendly you are, the more talkative and friendly we'll be back. :D


  • Stormbluff Isle Server, NA
  • Gilded Hollow Guild Hall L60+
  • Repping not required except during events (Heavily encouraged in general)
  • Primary weekday play times are evenings EST (also support PST; we stay up late)
  • Primary weekend play times are all day
  • 50 to 70 members, 8 to 15 active at once during our primetime
  • PvE / Fractals / Raids
  • Guild chat is light (Many of us have anxiety disorders, but we're friendly!)
  • Discord Strongly Encouraged (We're very active there!)

Guild Event Schedule

  • Guild Raids: Mondays + Fridays 9PM EST
  • Guild Events: Tuesdays 9PM EST (Includes Hero Point Trains, Farming Events, Hide and Seek, Fractal CMs, and more!)

Guild Officers

  • Rising Dusk.2408
  • Ricochet Jones.2537
  • Azizrian.6490

Cheers, and we're all looking forward to meeting you!

Valor Zeal [VZ] - Stormbluff Isle


  • Been in this guild since shortly after release, everyone seems to know what they are doing and are really easy to get along with :)

  • VZ are great people to communicate with.

    They're very laid back and some very fun times have been had.

    Above all, I feel comfortable with them whenever I log in.

    I've been in the guild going on 3 years (I think? Time glides with these people!) now and I wouldn't go anywhere else. Ever. =)

  • As you can see, our guildies enjoy being a part of the guild, and we hope anyone interested in tagging along for the PoF adventure will too! Don't hesitate to reach out to an officer if you are interested or if you have questions! We're always happy to chat. :)

    Valor Zeal [VZ] - Stormbluff Isle

  • We are still recruiting! We're actually running weekly map-clear bounty events now too, which has been a resounding success among guild members. :D

    Valor Zeal [VZ] - Stormbluff Isle

  • Happy halloween, everyone! We are still recruiting, and map-clear bounty events, hide-and-seek events, and other halloween fun-times will be afoot in the near future. If these things sound fun, reach out to an officer about giving the guild a try. :D

    Valor Zeal [VZ] - Stormbluff Isle

  • As before, we are actively recruiting! Everyone had a grand ole' time at our annual Halloween hide-and-seek event, and otherwise we've been keeping the fire alive by continuing with guild raids, guild missions, guild PoF bounty runs, and other guild events! Let us know if any of that stuff sounds fun; we'd be happy to chat. :)

    Valor Zeal [VZ] - Stormbluff Isle

  • We're still recruiting, and we have some fun events planned for the holiday season! Additionally, we're still progressing through the new raid wing, and that's been a source of a lot of fun for the members of our guild into that sort of content. If the kinds of things (and more importantly, our family of friends) resonates with you, please let one of our officers know; they'd love to chat with you about it! :D

    Valor Zeal [VZ] - Stormbluff Isle

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    I know I haven't updated this in a while, but we've been recruiting all the while nonetheless! We're still pushing to try and get our first Dhuum kill because he's tough and he forces us to be on our toes, but we're reliably killing every other boss and we're doing lots of fun extra events, including WvW nights! If the sorts of things we do together sound interesting, please reach out to one of our officers; they're more than happy to talk to you about whether it'd be a good fit or not. :)

    Valor Zeal [VZ] - Stormbluff Isle

  • Hey, I'd like to join your guild @Rising Dusk.2408
    I have a group of 8 friends with me as well. We're causal for the most part but take the game seriously whenever we're involved in questing or pvp. We're looking for a nice big guild to settle into! Looking to PvX and run guild missions. My user is: Mandalore.3510

  • Rising Dusk.2408Rising Dusk.2408 Member ✭✭✭
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    Just a bump-up to note that we're still around and recruiting! Activity has still been pretty reasonable and we reliably get our raid groups and guild missions groups going successfully, so if these things sound interesting to you then definitely reach out to me (or another officer) in-game! We're always looking for fresh blood that's really interested in the game and learning stuff; we offer to train guild members in raids and other in-game content regularly!

    P.S. @Mandalore.3510 , I just noticed your post and will reach out to you in-game. :)

    Valor Zeal [VZ] - Stormbluff Isle

  • Jeez it has been a while since I've updated this, but we are still playing the game and still recruiting! Raids are our most active content right now with us doing them twice a week, and things have been a little slow in other areas due to the lack of content. That said, our Discord is still active and we're still playing the game, so let one of the officers know if you're interested! :D

    Valor Zeal [VZ] - Stormbluff Isle

  • We're like, still totally recruiting and playing the game by the way! Figured I'd update this anyway even if it doesn't see much traction these years. :)

    Valor Zeal [VZ] - Stormbluff Isle