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Name = Redbladed Jack
Main = Condi Daredevil Trapper
Rank = Always on the borderline to Plat. except for this season.
Status = At this point so bored i dont play if i am suppsoed to play alone
Special abbilities = I can cast [Vial of Salt] and [Banana of Pervesion] if required and even if not required
Time I play PVP = aproximatelly 3 years
comment here or send me mail in game Jack Redline.5379
I play usually around 8pm time zones dont play role here since i spend 3h in lobby anyway so if you hit me +/- 1 h around 8pm wherever you are i will come play.


  • Playing games alone sucks =\

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    Start with the ingame lfg system for ATs and build up contacts from there. For low plat/high gold there should be plenty of opportunities there, up to p2. It's only really at P3+ that people pretty much exclusively build their groups through their own friendslist.

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    Altion9576 Firebrand Healer for casual pvp.

  • write to me fb im looking for one for duo im scrouge write to krupek.1940 its my main acc