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a questions about Mirage

hello guys wish u all doing good .. i got some questions about mirages tht wish some1 can guide me through answers

  • power mirage ( GS - S/S ) still playable as pve / wvw ?
  • scepter is a good wepon for wvw / pvp .. should i go for power or condi with is
  • staff / GS played as power build .. how staff used in power builds
    thanks alot guys for helping me :)


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    Edit: This is from a WVW perspective.

    Power GS is still fine. It is a bit better in small group than solo (in general), but works either way.
    S/S (assuming sword) is questionable though. You'll get better use out of Sw/Torch.

    Scepter is ok for power but is better with hybrid/condi stats to take advantage of the torment/confusion application.

    Double ranged shatter is ok, but staff is usually better with hybrid/condi than full power. Takes better advantage of the condis applied by ambush and illusions.

    YouTube | [WS] Mesmer Mag [Fort Aspenwood]