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Questions about Conditions and Condition builds

“Stun locks” are unhealthy for pvp modes, so why was the combat system designed to allow for constant “hard” Conditions to be applied to a player? Has anyone ever considered some type of “break bar” ideas for players in pvp modes?

Sometimes my “soft” Condition builds work well and other times an enemy player just wipes them all clean... Using a condi build has become an all or nothing experience much of the time, with little middle ground, so should I change to hybrid builds or stick to power builds for more overall usefulness and consistency?


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    do we really need a list?

    A. Break bars, by their design, convert all types of CCs into a form of secondary damage, basically defeating the point of CCs (hard and soft) in general since they only have a distinct impact in PvP and WvW (which is PvP, but bigger) to begin with.
    B. Stun Breaks eliminate any threat the break bar poses, because it bypasses the only state in this system in which you are vulnerable.
    C. Control conditions are not even what condition builds are about
    D. Hard CCs aren't even called Conditions, they're called Disables- and are NOT even affected by things that affect conditions globally.
    E. Both power and conditions builds have pretty much the same level of access to control skills; and having a condition focused build doesn't really change that.