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[EU] Static Raid Team [aT] RECRUITMENT OPEN: BS/DPS/Chrono

Tensi.5981Tensi.5981 Member ✭✭
edited July 13, 2020 in Looking for Group

Static team for raids [aT] Absolute Trash \o/. Raid team, not a guild. Set 10 members.
We have people who fill at times (old members & friends).

  • Raiding on Monday + Tuesday 7 pm UK time for ~2,5h hours.
  • Discord required! , but talking is not.
  • Most have enough LI to craft Envoy Herald title, done CM's.
  • Multi-classing +1.

We are looking for banners (condi+power),
possibly a chrono if there's one lost wandering
have a slot or two for dps and some work for alaren / q fb.

Hey there!
Offline -life comes first and most things can be organized with some coordination, so speak up and get involved - we'll try to make things work.
If you're still reading, you should know that you'll have to deal with bad puns, sarcasm, sensless chit-chat without really forgetting all the nerdy
lyfe stuff while struggling to get by in life and other salty kittens.


  • I wouldn't want to put a LI requirement as we don't nitpick too much, but looking for a good, chill raider ~500LI.
  • OR enough experience on majority of the wings + bosses, fast learner, maybe raided before in different games :-P
  • Prefer it if you could be there every week throughout the raid on both days.
  • Have your toons geared up properly and willing to swap around if needed https://snowcrows.com/
  • Good knowledge of the raid encounters but willing to meet half way (learning new mechanic heavy roles like kiting etc).
  • Profession wise our aim is that everyone can play a support and a dps class for the sake of everyone's enjoyment (playing the fillers).
  • We would prefer it that you're generally fairly experienced at the game.
  • Lastly have patience and don't take things too seriously.

TLDR: Just be a chill dude or gal w/ dedication but who also doesn't take gaming too seriously.
For we are all 23+ and raid on our free time because we like the game and the content
and each other's company.

We want to get to know each other so won't be recruiting masses but individuals.
Mail me in-game Tensi.5981 for info /invite.
Get to know us and crash our voip!