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Underwater training golem?

No, like for real!! It would be really great if we could have an underwater training golem. With Aquatic Ruins rework, it showed that there can actually be some mechanics underwater and it would be really nice to see more of it in the near future. But if we could get an UW golem, to practice rotation a little bit that would be good.


    • Sounds great. As non-existing the UW Content may be, i really enjoy it. And would love to have atleast an UW-Golem
  • I support an underwater golem. I think UW combat is a bit of meme for the most part but for aquatic ruins or HotW, it's good to know how to do damage underwater. Kind of depressing when you're doing 15k higher than everyone else on power reaper when it comes to aquatic ruins

  • Kitty.6219Kitty.6219 Member ✭✭✭

    I support this, and I would love to see more UW content!!