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Question about cooking 500.

Hi, I have a L500 chef, but it's not one of my main chars (silly choice by myself). This character has the upgraded cooking station in his home instance. I want to re-level it on one of my main characters, will this character get the upgraded cooking station too? If not, is there any downside to having the standard one? and lastly, if there IS a downside, would I be able to get the upgraded one if i deleted the character that DOES currently have it?
Many thanks in advance.


  • Aaralyna.3104Aaralyna.3104 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I think that once you have completed the cooking collection once, any character with lvl 500 cooking will have the upgraded cooking station in the home instance. The collection is account wide so my bet is that the cooking station is as well (as long as you have a cook with high enough level).

  • Lamont.5973Lamont.5973 Member ✭✭✭

    No, actually you will only have the upgraded bloodstone ovenstation on the a character that has completed the collection. A normal, non-bloodstone station will be in your home for any character with cooking over 425. Although the AP for the collection is account wide, it can be redone on any character and you also will get the 10 cooking levels per story line that you did on your original character. At least that was how it was a couple of weeks ago when i redid the collection on another toon so unless they changed it....

  • Astralporing.1957Astralporing.1957 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Notice, though, that there's no downside to having normal cooking station on new character - you don't need to do the collection a second time, as all you would get would be the 50 points for cooking. All the actual cooking options are limited only by your cooking level.

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  • Many thanks all, this gives all the info I needed, much appreciated, thank you.