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Hello to all! tell me, is there a legal way to bind bundles to hotkeys? Example "healing tree"


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    As for the legaility, it follows the 1 action per button press rule and therefore won't get you in trouble at all.

    For the actual binding part, I don't think it's possible as you have to equip bundles from your inventory by either doubleclick or using the contextual right click and therefore no single button can equip it.

    Unless someone else has a method of doing this that's easier than opening the inventory and double clicking, you should make a [Suggestion] thread in this subforum asking the developers if they can add a bundle slot for novelty items, this way you could just place your bundle there and equip it every time you press the button you use for tonics/instruments.

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    That is one of the reasons why bundles are not used by the majority of players. The time most of us need to open the inventory, find the items, doubleclick on it, close the inventory, activate the skill and eventually aim ... is in most times more then enough to get yourself killed.

    I am currently using a makeshift version of an additional skillbar. I have just put my top 12 most used items into my first 12 inventory slots. Then I resized the inventory width to absolute minimum and dragged it down into the corner of my minimap. You can move the inventory easily over the window borders, which results in not seeing the area below. But that way, you can have a "quick access bar" right next to your skill-bar and minimap. You still have to click on them, but it goes a lot faster as you do no longer block a huge part of your screen during combat. You can also put the inventory to other places, but this spot is in my opinon the one it causes the least disturbance with gameplay.

    Even finding a specific item is not much of a problem, thanks to the search-bar which is also still usable.

    The only problem is, whenever you need to clean up your inventory you need to drag it out and resize it. But as long as you use the same slots for the bundles every time, they will always be at the same spot when resizing the inventory to minimum again.

    There might be a way with onscreen macros, like clickers or so. But those are not allowed in GW2. The game lacks UI customization. You need to improvise :S.

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    There's no way to do this within the game, and as other people have said I don't think it's possible to set up a macro to do it either (even one that's against the rules) because there's no way to access them without opening your inventory so the macro would have to do that. (And setting up a macro to open your inventory, move the mouse to the item, double click it and close your inventory would definitely be against the rules.)

    It's something that's been requested a lot, but for some reason Anet don't want to add any kind of quick access for these items, or food and other consumables.

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  • Ok, thanks all!