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More Shared inventory slots

Delita Silverburg.8632Delita Silverburg.8632 Member ✭✭
edited October 16, 2019 in Players Helping Players

With the upcoming release of build templates (and the limitations that it brings), I would like anet to consider upping the total number of shared inventory slots.

I understand that it's not possible to let each character access your legendary gear at once due to the current infrastructure, but if we had extra shared inventory slots we could work around that limitation. I made legendary gear for convenience, not fashion. I want to use my bolt across all of the characters that can use a sword, along with all the other legendary weapons/armor; but the new templates you plan to will offer force me to remove it from ALL build templates to even use the weapon on a different character. It's going to be easier to just use the build templates for traits and ignore the equipment templates entirely from a perspective of sharing gear. Sure everyone could have full sets of ascended gear for each and every character, but that is ridiculously expensive and time consuming. Using a shared inventory slot seems like the only way to work through this limitation. Also, since we now have up to 32 slot bags, it would be nice if we could have each bag represented as a single row and the 24 shared slots looks mismatched with 32 slot bags.


  • starlinvf.1358starlinvf.1358 Member ✭✭✭✭

    ..... if you made it for fashion, just reskin ascended gear. You can make enough weapons for half the classes ( IE: all the ones that use swords) for the cost of 1 shared slot. And not even have to go through the trouble of moving it to the shared slot, changing stats, and redoing sigils every time.

  • Ayrilana.1396Ayrilana.1396 Member ✭✭✭✭

    It’ll work using shared slots?