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Returning Player Doesnt Know Which Profession To Play

Hi All i want to return to the game and start with a fresh character.

As of now i cannot choose between professions to play:

im choosing between: Revenant, Necromancer, Ranger, Warrior

Anybody that can help me choose and maybe wanna play together?


  • rdigeri.7935rdigeri.7935 Member ✭✭✭

    Hey, welcome back

    I'll try and make a rundown of what each of them is like in the long run, but remember that you should play something you enjoy.

    Warrior is quite straightforward and easy to learn. It has good sustainable options for solo play, but it doesn't have many ranged options forcing you to fight opponents in melee. In pve instances you'll often play the role of "banner slave", which basically means you buff your allies, and in competitive gamemodes you play a low skill floor, high skill ceiling duelist.

    Necromancer is also straightforward and easy to get into, but be mindful that elite specs are where it starts to shine. Necro is mainly a ranged profession (except the reaper elite specialization), and instead of active defenses, it relies on "armor" (shroud) to negate damage. This makes it more difficult to tackle high damage enemies, but if you have good shroud management, there's a lot of potential to it. Some people like it because of this vulnerability, some people hate it.
    It can play both as a support and as a damage dealer in pve, and in pvp it is team reliant but very effective as a debuffer, damage dealer, ir revive bot.
    You need good positioning to make the most of necro.

    Revenant is more difficult to get into because of its energy system on top of cooldowns. It is more versatile but less reliable than warrior. It also unlocks most of its potential with elite specs, but once it does, you will have great sustain with vampiric renegade for open world. The Shiro legend allows you to be quite mobile.
    In pve, the most used builds are for boon and vampiric support, for tanking, and for condition damage. In pvp, revenant plays the assassin role, jumping in ongoing fights and ending them quickly.

    Ranger is quite easy to level because your pet distracts the opponents and you can attack them from afar. It has versatile tools, can play healer, tank, or damage at pve endgame. In pvp, it's mostly just sniper meme builds.
    I think it's a solid pick but i find it a bit boring, although that shouldn't stop you.

  • I did go for Revenant :) Thanks for your opinion