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Hi everyone!

I have this question that is really bothering me, and I'd like to read your opinions. To awaken at exactly 6am means being of Dawn or of Noon? The same goes for the other cycles. Of course each player decides that for the character, but lore speaking, how does this work?

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  • From what I recall, the cycles are not hardcore set in stone rules for when a sylvari wakes up. For example, a sylvari could wake up at 6:10 and still be Dawn.

    So what cycle would a sylvari that wakes up at 6 am on the dot fall in? Either/or.

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    I don't know, I don't think it's been explained in-game but here's three possibilities which seem likely to me:

    1) Given that Tyria is a globe and The Grove is somewhere north of the equator the exact sunrise and sunset times will vary througout the year. So working out which cycle each sylvari belongs to involves tracking sunrise/sunset times and calculating the cycles based on that. If a sylvari awakens right at the moment it changes from one cycle to the next they'll either have some calculation for working it out (like astrologers do for people who are born on the night of the 'switch' between one sun sign and the next) or they'll let the individual or someone responsible choose which cycle they belong to.

    2) Like their names sylvari awaken just knowing which cycle they're part of. Maybe those who awaken during the transition from one cycle to the next feel some affinity for both, but feel more suited to one of them. So for example a sylvari born right between dawn and noon might say they're of the cycle of noon and be driven to action, but also inclined towards diplomacy like those of the dawn cycle - the kind of person who will say "Right, let's go and talk to them and sort this out right now!"

    3) The Pale Tree makes sure that never happens, to avoid any confusion. I'm not sure how much control she has over the proces but there were 2 years between the firstborn and secondborn awakening and although the Wiki says sylvari have emerged at an increasing rate since then I doubt it's non-stop (just fast enough to justify players making new sylvari whenever they want), so sylvari born exactly between cycles could be incredibly rare or unheard of.

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