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"What is wrong with me?" - On a mission to chose main.

It is going to be long but please just stick with me for a bit.


I can't choose.

I have them all. And I can't choose.

On a January of a current year I have started playing Guild Wars 2. Despite all of the problems that the GW2 has, I enjoy it a lot. It was a first MMO that was...
Open? Welcoming? I'm not saying that I like how casual it is in certain aspects but what I am saying is that there is way more cooperation with other players. The game gives me the feeling of being in a community unlike FF14 or ESO.

But that is not my point.

I need help. I am an altoholic it seems. GW2 made me realize that. The classes are my weakness. And they are the reason I just can't focus on playing the game to it's full extend.
As I said at the beginning: I have them all. All of the classes with ALL of the elite specialisations. Every character is equipped with proper gear. Two of them have even full ascended equipment. Since January these are fruits of my labor. I used two of my level 80 boosters from expansions and leveled up the rest. Of course not normally I used a lot of Tomes of Knowledge.

I did learn how to play them. I understand how they work. I even memorized perfect DPS rotations for some of them and succesfuly reached consistent high damage without dying... Often. Though I have yet to try raiding. I played WvW and bit less of sPvP and reached a satisfying level of skill where I am able to win. I am not the best of course but certainly good. All of the classes were put to test by me and I tried them in many situations with many builds.

And I loved it.

But I also start to hate it.

I can not, for the love of God, decide which class I want to actually play. The moment where I turn on the game and look at the character screen it takes me 5 minutes to decide what I want to play. Then I play it for 1 hour and swap to another one. Then after 30 minutes I change again. I have yet to actually finish the Zhaitan's story because I couldn't decide which character I should use for that. Nor have I done any of the Living world content. And I don't know which Legenedary I want to create because I would want it on the character I would play the most.

All of the classes are great but also all of them have these small shortcomings that make it not perfect for me. And I am not saying that the class needs to be OP or perfect for all modes and meta forever.

I ask for help, advice and conversation; On choosing a right class that I could finally main and start working on legendaries and experience all that the game has to offer.
Let me start by telling you what I would like in a class.

High priority:

-Complexity of gameplay: I need a class that does things constantly. Blocking, healing, attacking, combos, mobility I like them all and I would want to utilise various tools provided to me. I want to have high octane combat that would really require me to put my mind into perfecting a class. I want to do a lot, fast and make a difference in combat. It can be easy to learn and hard to master but it would be even better if it'd be hard to learn and even harder to master. Of course in that case I would want to have better results than the others.

-Adaptability: I NEED to have a possibilty to adapt. A group needs a healer? I gotch'ya. You want me to provide boons while also dishing out damage? No problem! You want me to go full DPS and melt breakbars in a second? Ha! I'm glad you asked! I want to have a wide variety of skills, tools, mechanisms that make the gameplay varied. If I need to fulfill a certain role I want to be able to meet the expectations. I want many builds that will allow me to do many or specific things and do them right. I don't want a jack of all trades. I want to have a possibilty to be jack of all trades OR the master of one if I will want that.

-PvE and PvP viability: I am not a casual. When the game offers content I try it and when I fail I try again. I want to experience everything that GW2 has to offer and eventually become good at it. I am not shunning anybody for wanting to play casually of course! But for me? I want to be competetive. I would like to be meta. Not necessarily in every game mode. But I would like to be sure that no matter what, there will be at least one activity where nobody can deny me the access to because they don't think my class is good for it. I understand that I can create a group in LFG and say "everybody welcome". But having the best class for a specific mode would kind of give me more reasons to focus on that content and perfect it further. I also need my class to have a guaranteed place in a organised group so that I can join other people playing meta classes and do PvE content fast and efficient. The same goes for PvP. I want to have a chance in sPvP and in WvW. Again I am ready for high learning curve but I need to have a variety of gameplay. I want to be able to roam and fight in small scale skirmishes as well as join a serious zerg and and battle other armies.

Medium priority:

-Utility skills and niche tools: The first class I rolled was mesmer. One of the reasons was the access to Portal. I found it a fun thing and occasionally helped people get into places and often to help with skipping parts in dungeons. I also like stealth. Being able to just walk through the enemy not only saves time but most importantly gives me a choice. Do I want to beat the content as fast as I can because I already did it 1,000 times? Skip with stealth. Do I want to slowly experience every encounter and learn? No stealth, lemme use all combat skills. Stealth and portal are a great addition that I would like to have but ultimately they are not the most important things. The same goes for boons. Quickness and alactricity are probably the least common boons to have. I have no problem with what boons I provide. All of them are useful but if my class will be more desirable because of which boons I can provide then obviously I would like that. Also having an easy way to maintain permament swiftness would be a nice Quality of Life improvement.

-User Interface looks: Yep. That is perhaps a shallow requirement but I like seeing how my class UI changes depending on a Elite specialisation I have equipped. Any additional effects and nice colors on skills make it simply nicer to look at.

-Class voicelines: Yep! This may be as shallow as the UI requirment but I need my class to have cool voicelines. Fortunately nearly all of them are. But the problem is that the voice actors sometimes do not reach their full potential. I love male sylvari's voice when he says "Restore. Cleanse. Believe." as a Firebrand but human male's delivery of reaper's shouts is just so liveless. No pun intended. Of course it's hard to say for others which voicelines and actors I may like but I will gladly hear which ones made you fall in love with your character.

Low priority:

-Fashion: Considering that after getting ascended armor there is no more vertical progress, a big part of the end game rewards for me is fashion. My character needs to look good. I personally find light armor a bit boring and repetetive. Medium armor is nice because despite many of pieces being trench coats... Well... I like trench coats. And heavy armor is a close second because there is a lot of nice designs. But I can make all armors work for me.

-Class Theme: It's not exactly the least important thing. I'm just saying I like all of the themes. An illusionist that tries to push you towards insanity? Sold! But wait! What about highly disciplined, exotic warrior that meditates and silences skills and removes boons? Oh man! Oh? Then what about ultra fast and mobile martial artist that uses staff and does triple salto on every dodge? Shiet, that's all you had to say! A loremaster that strenghtens allies by chanting glorious poems about hope and determination? YES! I mean... You understand. I like them all. I want them all. But I need to choose.

I need a directon I can go. I need you to show me the way and explain why I should go there. I ask for arguments and a well-concieved response. I want to hear exactly why you play this class and not the other. Maybe some of you were in the same position as me and were able to finally pick a main. How did you achieve that? What made you do so?

And please don't give a response: "Just play what you like" because that IS a problem. I like them all. To play what I like I probably had to turn on 9 computers with 9 different accounts and play 9 classes simultaneously. But since I have only two hands I would have a hard time deciding on which computer I would use them. :D

And finally: While everybody is welcome to share their thoughts please understand that I need an advice from people that know their classes. Don't be like: "Hey I reached level 26 with a minion necromancer in Open world PvE and it seems like a nice class"

A well-thought response that explains in detail the good and the bad parts of a your class, reasons why you stayed with your class and your comparisons to others is what I need. If you have multiple characters that you play, but still were able to pick a main that is even better. Veterans that are pushing the game to a bit more competetive level (like doing perfect raid runs and reaching higher tiers in PvP and people that also play a lot but perhaps don't get to extremes and have a bit less "try-hard" (not shaming anybody! ^^) attitude are all welcome. But obviously it will be way more helpful if you have experience in PvE and PvP alike.

If you have read my entire post: Thank you.


  • Acheron.4731Acheron.4731 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I think ele will suit you best. It has all the complexity, can fit many roles, and has a high learning curve to compete.
    Ele gets a lot of complaints in their profession forum but it is one of the most diverse classes and can literally do everything and do it fairly balanced.

    Don't Worry, My Dutch is OK

  • I am in the same position , Calistoff, in being an altaholic and unable to decide on a main, but sadly never even reach the levels you do because I get crippled with choice and inability to stick to one right from the beginning almost. I'll be very interested to read any informative replies, but don't have anything helpful of my own to offer , other than some understanding, because I don't stick with one role/class in any game to be able to give specific reply. For myself it's because I get bored easily and like the sweet spot of always learning but not having to struggle too hard (age and illness get in the way).

    Good luck in your quest for a main you can bond with :)

  • An alternate idea, just for consideration: instead of trying to boil it down to a single, see if you can settle on two "co-mains". That might relieve some of the tension in choosing.

  • You might really enjoy Guardian. Core guardian itself is very good. On mine I tend to run dragonhunter for PVE solo stuff, but group content I switch to Firebrand to hand out boons and heals. It's fun doing that in meta events as well. Dead people? No problem, rez from a distance. Or shadowstep over to rez. Want some retaliation? No problem. Might? Got you covered.

    In the medium armor category, Ranger might be good for you as well. I don't do PvP, but I think Soulbeast is popular there, especially for roaming. It's also good PVE, or core Ranger is still meta for that as well. Want to heal? Druid is a top healer. So maybe stick with those two?

    If you've only done core stuff, you'll find the expansions much more challenging, also. So be ready!

  • Calistoff.9462Calistoff.9462 Member ✭✭
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    Thank you for the replies.

    I did play a lot of elementalist. I did enjoy Weaver because of how punishing it is if I fail and because of the damage. And yes, tempest gives more options so I can deal damage, provide boons or heal. Also both specs can be build for power or condi. But the problem is in how sometimes unreliable CCs are and how much more effort I need to put to have a little bit more damage than the others. If I do perfect DPS rotation on let's say golem In Training Area I can consistently dish out around 8k dps more than the others. But! On a GOLEM. In real combat not only I have to remember perfect DPS rotation, not only I need to execute it and hope the game won't suddenly decides to have a bit of skill lag but also I need to watch out for every attack because even, those kitten rabbits can kill me. Yes. It feels great to be the squishest class with the least amount of defense and still survive thanks to skill. But the amount of damage that I can deal sometimes hardly justyfies the 4 times more work I need to do. High skill requirement, difficult combat should mean better rewards. Also PvP. I found that Staff Weaver, despite being a decent DPS in WvW zerg, is not welcome by every commander. Often I wasn't granted a firebrand who is crucial to my survival and my place was given to another scourge or revenant. And Healer/support Tempest is just simply outclassed by Firebrand or even scrapper who turns a lot of condis to boons. And for small scale PvP? Or duels? For me There isn't that much of build variety. I found out that sword/dagger combination is the only one that has tools good enough to compete and when it comes to choosing specialisation it is absolutely necessary to get Water or Earth specialisation aside from Weaver Elite because otherwise survivng becomes a such a big problem that I may as well just stay of of combat and stay in water attunement. Forever. Also because of such few means of survival I need to get gear with a bit of healing power, reducing build variety on PvP even further. I Do love the effects though... And the voicelines...

    I understand, I also was like that at the beginning. I just said to myself that the classess won't run away anywhere and I will always have time to try them. ^^
    Learning the class from the beginning is nice. Seeing all of these options is like looking at the Chrismas presents ready to be open. Only after some time you realise how many of those are rather useless, underperforming, or just not good enough in comparison to other.

    Tanner Blackfeather.
    I did think about that but in the end it kind of beats the purpose. If I have 9 classes that I constantly switch between and reduce it to 2 then I still switch between the classes. Thus reducing my efficiency. I am a completionst and because of that I would have to do twice the amount of work. Finish the story TWICE, get map completion TWICE. Play TWICE the amount of PvP matches to not get out of touch with these classes. I need a main. A go to character that I could always choose when turning on the game. A class that I know it will deliver. That is why variety, and a possibility to adapt is so important. I don't want to miss on anything. I want to be useful. And I want to have tools to be so. I don't want to fell that this class is weak for certain game modes. I understand everything can be done with any class if one tries hard enough but being able to do something does not mean being good at it. Unless...
    One tries to make a warrior healer. That wouldn't work.

    I did think a lot about guardian. Dragonhunter easily can deal a lot of damage. Zeal and Radiance specialisations make sure of that. Traps could be bit better though because sometimes I have realised that certain types of monsters do not activate them. That was the most common in Heart of Thorns maps. And longbow... Not that good. At least for PvE. But firebrand is something that truly made me love guardian. Tomes are great, the specialisation's theme is very interesting to me and colors are top notch.
    I also like how core guardian is viable. Not everywhere but it performed suprisingly well in sPvP. In conquest. Not in WvW. Though bunker Firebrand is still superior. For me at least. Firebrand obviously is meta support for WvW zergs and I do love playing support classes. Thought roaming with guardian is way harder than with warrior. And Dragon Hunter's traps are useless if your enemy moves a lot and takes your duel and forces you to chase him. Again in sPvP it is easier to catch somebody in the traps but in big WvW maps? Especially in open field? No. And yes, I did find guardian to have many builds. Power, condi, full condi, boon support, healing, defense, A LOT OF DEFENSE, I like them all. And I found out that all of the guardians weapons were used by me. I didn't have to force myself to use them. They have tools that were needed by me. Overall I like guardian. Variety of builds, a lot of weapons to chose from not the worst mobility, a lot of utilities that are useful, and I love the idea of an active defender (active blocking, aegis, resistance) and not a passive one (just pure permament damage mitigation and taking damage but reduced).
    But. The problem is that Guardian isn't the best for roles. For healer many prefer Druid, for Quickness and Alactricity, many prefer Chronomancer. And while Dragonhunter is a very good DPS nobody would take it over Full Berserker Weaver with great skill. Of course, until target's hitbox is so small that using a Meteor Shower would be useless. I am NOT saying nobody wants Dragon Hunter. Many do. And there are people that think it's meta. But still. Weaver deals more.
    And also, this little small shallow thing of mine. It's the most popular class in the game. And I do have this small, deeply hidden need for individuality. ^^
    Of course I don't take it seriously. If the most popular class will meet all of the requirement or at least the biggest amount of them then I will be happy to play it!

    As for ranger...
    Yes I do write a lot.
    As for ranger I found it be underperforming. Yes it is good in small scale PvP. The best think is that you are always ganking because ranger has a pet. You ignore the pet? BAM! CC! You focus on a pet? Longbow skill 2 would like to have a word with you. Huh, a rhyme.
    But it's not good for WvW zergs, in dungeons they are not the best DPS but hey... In raids I would be a meta Healer. And only healer. In raids. That I don't play yet.
    But don't get me wrong, I do like soulbeast. Even though I hate playing against it in PvP. There is a reason why so many people in my enviroment in GW2 are saying "noob class" and laugh at many stereotypes that include ranger. Talking about noob class. It is rather easy class. You need to master it of course like any other but realtively to Gurdian and of course Weaver it is simply too easy to use. I want to not only fight against the enemy but also against my...
    Myself? Like the lack of skill. I want to have a lot to learn and try to achive this... Perfection? I mean, I want to have a lot to learn. You understand. ^^

    I may seem malcontent but I do appreciate the responses. And would gladly see more.

  • Pirogen.9561Pirogen.9561 Member ✭✭✭

    You are altoholic. You will never have a main. Just accept it.

  • ProtoGunner.4953ProtoGunner.4953 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Don't choose. You don't have to. The game is pretty alt friendly and I have most of my 5k hours rather well distributed. Between 300 (thief) and 1300 (guardian).

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    I main elementalist but play a little bit of everything. Elementalist or Mesmer would be good classes for you given your requirement on complexity and versatility (careful though, as elementalist has almost NO group utility skill, as opposed to mesmer. cries in frustration). However you might want to check out Revenant and Guardian, especially with the elite specializations. Those are all very decent classes in PvP, and see good use in PvE. Keep in mind that all classes are made to reach roughly the same DPS in PvE, if you build them for it. What will change are the supportive capabilities, the gameplay, and the utility tools.

  • Pirogen.
    I will never accept it! It is time to change! But I need to make a decision that I won't regret.

    I know that GW2 is alt friendly. There is a reason why I have all classes. But I need to chose. I feel like losing a sense of progress, I start to stagnate because I think more about: "Do I want to play this class now? Maybe this one?" instead of working towards better gear, legendaries, better skill and to finally finishing the story.

    Mesmer wasn't that complex for me. Maybe the Chronomancer's permament Alactricity and Quickness combo with time managment was a bit hard (which I liked) but since the patch which made clones mandatory to use F1-4 skills and removal of one of these skills, mesmer has lost a bit of his appeal. Also general idea of wells for Chrono feels clunky as opposed to, for example, Firebrand's shout and mantras with Quickness. As for mirage, I like the idea, I like the theme, I like how fast it is, but overall execution seems so rushed. Core mesmer works around shattering clones and suddenly we get a spec that promotes saving them. Mirage's axe 3 and one of the utility skills even allow to change the clone's target as to prevent them from dissapearing after target's death. Also: Conditional damage. Mirage can be build around power damage only but it's clear that the class has predispositions for conditional damage. I felt like handicapping myself when I went for pure power thus limiting the amount of builds that were efficient for me. It can not be denied that Mesmer is a class that has a big demand in PvE but in PvP... Well...
    Don't get me wrong, there is a reason why so many people hate playing against conditional mirage in Conquest. I did play with the build and against it. I personally didn't find it that hard to deal with but alas, maybe I just didn't meet one that would be good. The same goes for me. Condi mirage never clicked with me. Condi burst? Teleport? Stealth? Iframes and dodge that can be done always and doesn't interrupt skills? It's all nice but it felt like it isn't a whole character, as if something is lacking. When it comes to WvW, nobody cares about mesmer overall. Sure, roam if you want. But anything else? Go away, until we need Mass Invisibilty and Veil. Oh and maybe Illusion of Life is nice but sorry, one skill won't guarantee you a place in zerg. Maybe in group 1 without FB? MAYBE?
    If one would remove Chronomancer's ability to provide Quickness and Alactricity and Mirage's Condi bursts then what would be left? An interesting idea with just too little consistent options and uncreative skill execution with F1-4 skills. Oh, yeah. And portal. But hey, I still love this class. Just like the rest.

    When it comes to Revenant, I can say that it was the class design that made me so interested in it. It is something that I don't see often in games. The looks, the sounds and the fact that the legends' skills are way different than the other classes made me want to play it. But alas...
    He is not good enough. Legend's force me to have a set of skills instead of allowing me to use the ones I want. I dislike the fact that we can use only 2 legends. And for some reason ANet decided to make a character that needs to deal with Cooldowns AND resource managment. No problem, I eventually learned how to deal with that but it still became an annoyance. I don't lose because of it BUT it makes things tedious. Tedious, not challenging. But I like Sword/sword combination. I like how it performs with PvP and how Hammer is meta in WvW zergs. I like Staff and the class feels smooth (when I have energy). Though in PvE I sometimes feel like the class is less efficent than the others. Though renegade's condi damage is amazing. Oh, last thing Facets are not that engaging.

    It's the second time somebody recommends guardian. I will try to play it a bit more, though PvP when not playing bunker is a bit though.

    I welcome more responses. Remember: I would also like to hear why YOU like the class and what experiences you have with it.

  • Honestly just play multiple classes. If you have the time and ability to learn and play multiple classes, then do it. Each class has a lot of builds of different complexity/difficulty you can try, and each of them can be fun for different reasons. If you really like all the classes you wont be able to find and pick one that satisfies you completely.

    There is only really 1 class i havent played that much, and i usually "main" 2-3 at a time. For example, when i did fractals i liked playing support, so i mostly played druid and chrono. When i played wvw, i liked zerg dps so I played mostly weaver, herald, daredevil. When i played open world pve, i liked soulbeast/herald. In pvp i played everything because learning all the different classes/builds is important.

    Gw2 is ridiculously alt friendly. For living world, you can start later episodes with other characters, for legendaries, make a weapon that is usable by a lot of different classes, or just make the one you think looks the best, or make a trinket.

  • You know... this isn't like picking a career in the real world. It's a game - you do it for fun in your spare time.

    If you play a lot of alts, so what? If you aren't able to grind out end-game content as efficiently, so what?

    Do whatever is fun and stop stressing about it. Your choices here aren't going to ultimately matter.

  • Based on your high priorities, I'd advise elementalist, engineer, or revenent

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    I think firebrand would be great for you. Options, many builds, utility choices, can help with everything. Great at every gamemode

    Other options would be ele. Harder to play, but less variable then fb.
    And condition core engi. Extremly hard with answer to almost everything.

  • Paradoxoglanis
    No. Playing multiple classes makes my progression way slower. And that constant second guessing of mine doesn't help. As I said before I need a main to finally stop thinkig about the character I play and focus on other content. I know that there is no class that does everything I want and as I want it, that is why I don't have a main but instead all classes. Because all classes are NEARLY perfect. But there is always this small thing that makes me question my choice. A bad apple spoils the barrel. That is why I need reasurrance. Reasons provided by others that could give me more arguments to play this class and not the other. If everybody would say: "Play this class because this, this and that." and would convincingly make the case as for why certain class imperfections aren't as bad as the others then I could finally make up my mind.
    I am not saying I will never play any class again.
    I just want to focus on one character so I can finally progress further.
    And yes. I won't find class that fits me perfectly BUT I can choose the class that fits me the most and since I like them all then the disparity between them is small. That is why I need an advise.

    Apart from playing games for fun I also play basketball. What is the point in trying to score points and win? What is the point of perfecting the dives so one could score points with class? What is the point to reach end game and become good at it?
    Progress. And I want to win. If I can sacrifice time and learn to do something and be better, then I want that. I find it fun. Getting to the point where I can grind end game efficently is a monument to my work and since playing multiple classes slows down my progress drastically then it becomes the problem.
    Also I don't stress about the classes. It's just a game.
    And when it comes to choices...
    With that kind of attitude you can negate everything. What is the point of going to school, learning and getting nice and fulfilling job with a good pay? What is the point of caring about yourselft to stay healthy? You will still end up dead.
    And your dead self won't care about how good your life was.
    Jesus. A bit dark...

  • By the way. I was able to (with great effort) limit the class choices a bit.
    Revenant, Ranger and Necromancer are out. After playing them more and focusing on bad parts I can see how they aren't up to par for me.

    Revenant - too clunky sometimes and not that good realtively to other classes. I still like it. But a BIT less than the others.

    Ranger - too easy. There is enough space for improvement and mastering it can take time but it is just not enough.

    Necromancer - too slow and not enough mobility. Also: too easy.

  • @Calistoff.9462 said:
    By the way. I was able to (with great effort) limit the class choices a bit.
    Revenant, Ranger and Necromancer are out. After playing them more and focusing on bad parts I can see how they aren't up to par for me.

    Revenant - too clunky sometimes and not that good realtively to other classes. I still like it. But a BIT less than the others.

    Ranger - too easy. There is enough space for improvement and mastering it can take time but it is just not enough.

    Necromancer - too slow and not enough mobility. Also: too easy.

    Those are exactly those classes that I wouldnt recomend to you :D Out of those 3, revenant is by far most complex. Sadly not as variable because you cannot chose utility skills. Renger and necro are in my opinion 2 easiest classes in the game with least amount of skill needed.

  • Ashantara.8731Ashantara.8731 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    I love my Dragonhunter the most, but even with him, I can grow tired and need to take breaks by playing other characters. I can't imagine just focusing on one char forever.

    The thing about GW2, for me, is: if there weren't that many professions and builds to choose from, I would have quit a long time ago, because playing just one character becomes boring quickly. If the OP feels different about it, all I can say is that they should know best what appeals to them the most.

  • Obviously nobody can answer the question to your satisfaction but you. I have all 9 professions and tend to play 2 or 3 at a time. It's what I enjoy. You do you. We can't answer for what you want. Obviously.

  • @Ashantara.8731 said:
    I love my Dragonhunter the most, but even with him, I can grow tired and need to take breaks by playing other characters. I can't imagine just focusing on one char forever.

    The thing about GW2, for me, is: if there weren't that many professions and builds to choose from, I would have quit a long time ago, because playing just one character becomes boring quickly. If the OP feels different about it, all I can say is that they should know best what appeals to them the most.

    But I never said I will never play any other class. But I need to chose one to focus on and progress further in story, gear and overall content. And I know what appeals to me the most, I even specified that in the first post BUT the problem is that none of the classes have all these things. That is why I would want recommendation. Based on what I like and your and others experiences I could make a more educated choice. If you would say that in comparison Guardian is better than the other class you played and explained why or just say what you find fun in it I could be more inclined to chose that class.

    @whoeverxwins.1279 said:
    Obviously nobody can answer the question to your satisfaction but you. I have all 9 professions and tend to play 2 or 3 at a time. It's what I enjoy. You do you. We can't answer for what you want. Obviously.

    No. I am not saying that you or anybody else will chose the class that I will play. What I asked for was a recommedation, advice and explanation as to why you play this class over the other. I want to hear about experiences on how are you doing with that class. How do you feel in PvP and PvE with this class.
    I don't want an answer: "Play Necromancer, period."
    Based on what I have written in my first post I expect from people that want to help to think about what classes in ther opinion meet the biggest amount of these requirements. And then write about their experiences with the class and how you see performing it in several modes. If I answer by what I dislike about the recommended class then there is no problem with explaining why despite these things the class is still a good choice. In comparison to others. If you could get into a team and chose one support/healer class to come with you to, let's say a T4 fractal. And that person would be of equall high skill with all of them. Then what would you chose? Firebrand? Druid? Revenant? Scourge? Tempest? Which of these classes can also be full DPS if there is no need for a support? If creating a WvW zerg as a commander, which classes would like to see in your dream team? It all gives me more of a foundation for my choice. Not only your experiences but all of the peoples' that write here. The same goes in the game. I see what people ask for. I see how it sometimes performs in the content. My own experiences will also affect my choice.

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    @Calistoff.9462 said:
    But I never said I will never play any other class. But I need to chose one to focus on and progress further in story, gear and overall content.

    ...and no one can make that pick for you.

  • @Ashantara.8731 said:

    @Calistoff.9462 said:
    But I never said I will never play any other class. But I need to chose one to focus on and progress further in story, gear and overall content.

    ...and no one can make that pick for you.

    Yeah. I know. I did say that already. So what's the point in repeating something that we both know?

  • Be a simple man, play warrior. He's meta in any game mode. Honestly, since you played all classes you should be able to decide for yourself what you want to play. We can give you our opinions but they will ever only be opinions which don't matter at all because it will all come down to whether you enjoy that class yourself. Plus, in theory next balance patch could change everything and you will have to start over. Just make a decision and stick to it. (Yeah, I know people have problem with that these days)

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    Hm i don’t think you have to decide on a main.
    Knowing them all has clear advantages esp. in wvw and pvp (because you know your opponent), but also in pvp. You said flexibility is important for you and of course no single class can be as flexible than choosing the right class.

    Over time you will develop (and change) an Assoziation between task and class. And with that you will be better than someone who takes a single class for all tasks.

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    You don't have to play all the content on one character.

    I mained an Elementalist through the basic game story, and then through Heart of Thorns. But I'm skipping directly to Path of Fire with my Guardian. My Necromancer skipped directly to Heart of Thorns without finishing her personal story. My Elementalist dies so easily I've been kind of tired of playing it. I'm probably going to jump directly into the remaining Living World chapters with my Mesmer.

    The others are right - you don't have to stick with one character. Achievements are all account-bound, not character bound anyway.

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    Warrior the class recently (played 1000+ hr on thief)that I've felt like I use all my weapon skills during fights, feel like i have a weapon skill fitting most situations within a fight, has a good build for every game mode and if i die feel like it was on me not the opponent. I guess the complexity not being high may not be ideal for u but I like how the lower complexity gives me more clarity to decide on what's going on in the fight and what I should do within it if that makes sense.

  • I think you are setting yourself up for disappointment by restricting yourself to one main. You demand a lot and expect one class to deliver it all, while they all have their weaknesses. Moreover, one balance patch can change the whole ballgame. Find a good build for each gametype you are interested in, and set up a toon for that. You already did the groundwork by levelling each class. You can probably restrict yourself to two or three toons, while fullfilling most of your demands and partially inoculating yourself from balance chances by having choices.

    Good luck.

    Ordo Dominican [ZEAL]
    Sea of Sorrows

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    @Irensaga.6935 said:
    My Elementalist dies so easily I've been kind of tired of playing it.

    Change to this for excellent damage with good tankiness:

    • Build: Fire 1-1-1, Earth 3-2-3, Weaver 3-2-1
    • Skills 5-10: Glyph of Elemental Harmony, Signet of Fire, Firestorm, Arcane Shield, Glypf of Elementals
    • Armor: Berserker (Scholar)
    • Weapons (Sword/Dagger): Assassins (Bloodlust+Strength)
    • Amulet+Rings+1 Accessory: Marauder, 1 Accessory: Berserker, Backpack: Berserker+Valkyre
    • 18 x +5 Power infusions

    In case of emergency, attune to Earth so you will become immune to criticial damage.

    I have successfully and smoothly played through 100% of the PvE content with this build.

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    Ok, sorry for not replying for a bit longer. So after some more time of playing I was able to further limit the choice.

    Engineer is out.

    Don't get me wrong. I love the class. It has a wide variety of tools, nice utilities, can be a healer, is needed in WvW and Holosmith is a strong spec for PvP and other modes but with some shortcomings.
    But I played the class more and more and I have realised how basic it all is.
    Turrets are often just useless. Yolosmith just spams skills in Holo mode and tries not to get overheated. And scrapper isn't that good for PvE and PvP wise there are better options. Playing a healer srapper is also rather simple.
    It doesn't provide this complex and rewarding experience.
    Core engineer is weird. Really weird. I like the idea of tool kits. Unlike many in my enviroment but often they just seem as if they dont provide actual utility and instead they are there to just makes things more complex.
    Complex is nice IF it gives more tools to work with not just more buttons to click just to have the same DPS as others.
    I like the theme. I do enjoy how skills look especially for Holosmith. But he simply doesnt have this feeling of actual complexity that makes the gameplay much more diffcult and rewarding.

    Moreover I also focused on the remaining classes.

    Guardian is nice. Really nice. Both of the specs are useful but the Dragon Hunter's traps are quite clunky to use. The class isn't fast enough.
    Again I like how it's an active defender with wide range of defensive skills. But for overall gameplay? I mean, I like guardian when I am in an organised group but that is not always the case. I like Firebrand better. When I play guardian I do use him more than Dragon Hunter for majority of content. But the FB truly shines in WvW.
    Since I play a lot of WvW I will be using FB often. Main or not. But again, that will not be the class that is the only one being used.

    Thief. Oh boy. I do like thief. In WvW I sometimes feel like I can take on 10 people at once. Don't think I'm bragging or something ^^ but It just feels really good. Beginnings were rough. At the beginning of my adventure with GW2 after playing thief I thought it sucked but a month later I discovered that action camera exists in the game.
    After making few changes to the keybindings I must say.

    I like thief.

    In PvP though. Not in PvE. He isn't the most needed class for PvE. And the reasons are obvious. It's quite a selfish class.

    I will try Ele, Mesmer and Warrior again now. Thief and guardian aren't likely to be my mains but I WILL use them in WvW if I feel like it. For me, they are classes that just...
    They fulfill a specific role in one mode. But they do it so well I can't just throw them. But again. Most likely not my mains overall. Not sure yet, we will see after Elementalist, Mesmer and Warrior.

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    Ok. I have the answer.

    Mesmer is my main now. He will be used for all modes.

    Thief and guardian are going to be used in PvP. Thief in Conquest and WvW, guardian only in WvW.

    Thank you. Good luck.

  • Thank you for your original post and follow-up replies. It's been interesting for me following your experiences and I've enjoyed your detailed descriptions of pro's and con's of each role for you. I've also enjoyed most of the answers, some of which were very informative. It's helped me a lot in getting closer to making my own decision.

  • @Yvallia.2583 said:
    Thank you for your original post and follow-up replies. It's been interesting for me following your experiences and I've enjoyed your detailed descriptions of pro's and con's of each role for you. I've also enjoyed most of the answers, some of which were very informative. It's helped me a lot in getting closer to making my own decision.

    Hello again, Yvallia!
    I'm glad that this thread could help even if by just a bit. Since as you have mentioned you've enjoyed the descriptions of my choices I can explain my final choice. Perhaps others will also benefit from that.

    Mesmer, while not perfect, fits the most of my requirements.

    Mesmer isn't the most complex character but when i'm playing him I am always doing something. The active gameplay keeps the game more interesting even if the class itself isn't the most complicated. Despite that there is enough of things, enough of these little details that can be changed to fit my playstyle, even if the choices are limited because of seemingly outdated (design-wise) skills.
    What do I mean by that?
    I can change the class to be tankier, have more condi damage, power damage, focus more on interrupts or make entire build around bursting the enemy from stealth. But because of nerfs or just simple lack of proper tools; several weapons (in PvP of course) are just useless. Axe just never feels like doing enough damage, torch has both skills on 30s cooldown and the skill 5 is a phantasm which does have all of the problems that all phantasms have. Sword off hand is underwhelming in comparison to other weapons. If playing condi or power mirage (since Chronomancer is now, for me, a class that takes way more effort than it's is worth it feels like I'm fighting the class instead of my opponent making it less viable than mirage) I found only very specific weapons to work. Greatsword, main hand sword, scepter, pistol and occasionaly torch but only because of the short stealth on skill 4 and SOMETIMES for an interrupt which isn't that good because, again, phantasm.

    So again. The class isn't the most complex but it is active, the build variety is there but there are clearly better options, some weapons should be reworked (utility skills too) but the ones that are good, do the job most of the times. There is a certain learning curve to the class and most importantly it can be learned to the point where its will be quite dreadful to deal with. I did meet such people. And I did get better myself.

    Of course, many believe that the class is still OP and it carries the player so that's that.

    Also WvW. Roaming with mirage is harder than it is in Conquest, mesmer either if I play him or play against him, suffers when fighting in open space since it can be rather hard for him to pressurize people if the enemy will effectively use all of the disengage skills/rotations. But, again, harder and not impossible. You can get better of course.
    And as for zerging...
    Sure you don't have any other role than to be veil and portal bot but since the time I became a bit more active on my server's discord and did make some connections I learned how to utilise my skills properly and with coordination with the commander so that we can take advantage of the "tactics" like "portal bombing" where a well placed portal can allow for unexpected teleport to behind or even in the enemy zerg and deal massive damage to them. Again, situational skill but if used properly it can be a game changer which feels nice.

    PvE wise I sadly don't ever feel like doing enough damage. With Chronomancer, I made a build where I use Sword/Sword, Greatsword and full Berserker's gear with only diviner's armor and runes of the pack for longer quickness and alacrity uphold (for my comfort) and despite pretty much perma 25 stacks of might and fury and near constant Quickness and Alacrity I still don't feel like doing enough damage. Mirage is the same although condi damage is nice, I can't deny that. But despite that, damage isn't bad and because of the clones taking a bit of aggro AND of the superior dodge on Mirage I have enough defenses to easily protect myself while wearing full Berserker's gear makes it a bit more challenging since I can die easily if not careful. I like it overall.

    And as for raids, I accepted the fact I will be there only to deal mediocore damage in comparison and, most importantly, to give perma quickness and alacrity to others through wells that feel rather clunky but if that secures my place in a raiding group AND makes my class meta for a mode that isn't that important to me YET so be it.

    So, just to summarize.

    Not so complex but active gameplay.

    Can be mastered to high degree.

    Portal and stealth for big groups can have different and unique applications in PvP and PvE.

    Meta boon support in raids, despite clunky wells.

    Good damage even if I personally feel like doing more with other classes in full Berserker's gear.

    Good mobility, and great defense mechanisms on Mirage.

    Chronomancer, while not so good for PvP, is still viable for PvE and because I like tinkering with the class I play I will often use it and see what I can do to improve it, making it kind of a challenge I guess, to make it work, also in PvP, who knows.

    And finally, theme and design. While as I said before like all classes' themes and design, mesmer, is one of my favourites. I still cry over revenant though...

    Also Mirage's voicelines sound the best on my favourite voice actor that gives his voice to male sylvari playable character so it is quite a joy to hear it.

    And that is that. If anything needs clarification please say so, I may have written some things too vaguely, if so I will elaborate if a need arises.

  • Irensaga.6935Irensaga.6935 Member ✭✭✭

    Odd... my axe/pistol and greatsword mirage has been doing quite a lot of damage on the Crystal Desert maps, and has been surprisingly surviveable due to being hard for enemies to hit. I think a lot depends on the trait-line you use.

    Also, Woodenpotaoes has been doing a YouTube video series on powerful Open World builds for each class. He hasn't gotten all the classes yet, but here's the playlist.

  • @Irensaga.6935 said:
    Odd... my axe/pistol and greatsword mirage has been doing quite a lot of damage on the Crystal Desert maps, and has been surprisingly surviveable due to being hard for enemies to hit. I think a lot depends on the trait-line you use.

    Also, Woodenpotaoes has been doing a YouTube video series on powerful Open World builds for each class. He hasn't gotten all the classes yet, but here's the playlist.

    Open world? Really? How much damage? What is your burst? How much sustained damage can you uphold?
    I mean, in open world everything goes. Sure you can go (I assume) power axe but it doesn't mean it's the best and most effective choice. I do that from time to time just because I like spinning like a ballerina gracefully with axe skill 2 even if sometimes I spin gracefully off the cliff. ^^

    Also I don't know which traitlines you use but in my opinion fast clone generation is a must for mirage and clone on dodge trait is mandatory. Also, clones themselfes deal WAY less power damage (none sometimes) while conditions provided by them are nearly equal to the player's, therefore when you focus on power only and neglect condis then you are missing out on a lot of sustained damage, especially since mirage focuses on torment and confusion which is great for open world since enemies move a lot and attack a lot.

    Infinite Horizon is popular for a reason. Condi burst from that is nice.

    Any class, with any specialisation and any type of damage can do well enough in open world PvE. Some perform better than others. I use ARC dps meter on regular basis and by that I mean CONSTANTLY. I am also often playing with an organised group of friends whose DPS I also measure. One of them plays full Berserker's Reaper, with the build that further increases damage by applying Vulnerability to the enemy and nearly constant 25 stacks of might to of course himself. With a very simple rotation and after a bit of delay before he reapplies 25 stacks of might and vulnerability, he can easily reach 17k/s on a single target without any support from the others. Considering that we often run with revenant and warrior who occasionaly provide their respective boons, he reaches up to 4500 power, 80% of critical chance and 230% critical damage multiplier making his damage sometimes ridiculous. And that is when he doesn't even get into a reaper form. When he does he just outright caps the crit chance and gets 270% critical damage multiplier. So he has all of that damage WHILE being highly survivable because of a tanking golem with great CC and a second, on demand, health bar, which if properly used can allow a certain amount of outright face tanking.

    Mesmer damage isn't the worst. But relatively to others he can be lacking. Not bad. Just underperforming in certain situations if compared to other classes.

    Also, I have watched the video about mesmer, from the creator you recomended (thank you by the way, I will keep an eye on him) and by what I have seen it's a pretty similar build to what I have been occasionaly running. Also, I mean honsetly. This guy had the same problems as I did. Squishy and has next to no counterplay if the enemy won't focus on your clones, and half of the build is about upholding quickness and alacrity instead of just dealing damage which makes me wonder, why Chrono if necromancer can deal more damage, has more base survivability and can have tanking minions? Reaper's damage rotation is also rather simple. Again, Chronomancer's power damage isn't the worst, nor bad (for open world) but seeing that his build is pretty much what I was running and seeing him having the same problems as me WHILE also dying when fighting a bounty (I understand it was just a mistake on his part but you could have made that mistake if only he would get reaper and get into shroud, then he could face tank that attack) it does leave an impression that Power Chronomancer needs to make sacrifices greater than others to get damage that is underperforming in comparison.

    Also I never has seen him using any dps meter so I can't be sure as to his damage.

    Also, if you want a nice and comfortable build just go full trailblazer, condis can get the job done, while also your way higher sustain plus superior mirage's dodge AND tanking clones can provide enough of the defense for 90% of open world content. And as for remaining 10% you will have problems with any build by then.

    Thank you for the post. I do appreciate the conversation.