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How do I turn off stuff in the content guide?

I just want to remove the story and mad king event from the content guide. Can't do that through the options panel...when you click on it it doesn't disappear.

Also: how do you add the 'Dailies' to the content guide? I use to have it but it disappeared when the mad king event started.


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    The (by default) upper right corner of the screen contains several ... elements.
    The first one is the content guide. That's the one that shows you in which direction to go to find x (where your next story step is, where nearny events are, where undiscovered Vista etc. are). That and only that part is then contenct guide.
    The second thing is the next part of your personal story.
    The third is current events/festivities (if there are any).
    The fourth is tracked achievements and only if you don't track any other achievements it shows the daily achievements.

    The contenct guide options just affect that thing that shows you in which direction to find X.
    The personal story and current events/festivities can not be disabled as far as i know.

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  • Danikat.8537Danikat.8537 Member ✭✭✭✭

    It's confusing because I don't think there's ever been a name for the whole list of things which appears down the side of the screen, but the Content Guide is only the arrow at the top which points you to whatever the game thinks you should be doing. That can be customised or disabled but players have very little control of the rest of the list.

    There is no way to completely remove the story except to finish your personal story and then use the story journal (in the Hero menu) to quit whichever story step you're on. If you quit an expansion or living world story on a character who has not finished their personal story it will simply switch back to that.

    There's also no way to completely hide the achievements list, but if you add any tracked achievements they over-write the default list of dailies. To get the dailies back turn off all tracked achievments in the watch list (on the achievements tab of the Hero menu). Or alternatively add whichever dailies you want to do to your watch list and then they'll appear as well as other achievements.

    Special event notifications like the one about the Mad King cannot be disabled at all, you're stuck with it until the event ends.

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