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The bugged yellow star current event

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I suppose it's related to extra-life and the fact they've exceeded the target goal of 10000 USD $?
There is 0 bonus in-game too whereas the official statement mentioned them:

$13,922 USD currently. So yellow star, a coming event (meta/wb rush?) or a bugged one? (mystic researcher?)

Tyrians Join the Cause

Players who log in to Guild Wars 2 between October 25 and November 4 will automatically receive an achievement and the title “The Extra Life” if they did not already unlock it in 2018.

Once we hit our first fundraising goal of $10,000, an in-game event will begin within the hour and last until 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-8) on November 11. While active, the event will      award all characters an enhancement:

+5% Magic Find
+5% EXP from all sources
+3% WvW reward track progress
+3% PvP reward track progress

Every $10,000 we raise past the initial goal will grant another stack of the enhancement. For every $15,000 raised, all players will receive 15,000 karma, up to a total of 75,000.

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