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[XHSA]NA New player friendly community for 14 years. Missions, Dungeons, Fractals, Raids, and more.

Xunlai Heroic Service Agents is seeking out players looking for a long term community to set down roots in, while looking to enjoy the many activities. We are a 14 year old community in the Guild Wars universe with a focus on quality over quantity membership to provide players with an social and active community in which to belong to a group of friends as apposed to just a member on a roster.

Below is a quick list of guild sponsored activities we presently offer.

All activities are no experience required, announced in our discord before hand. Multiple groups may be formed to accommodate all sign ups. Days of the week may vary but usually happen around once a week.

  • Raids - No experience required, however meta build is expected for newcomers.
  • Dungeons Tours - Usually do 1-3 dungeons, all paths, including story.
  • Fractal Tours - Hosted at the starting level, progresses weekly until all 1-100 levels are complete then starts over.
  • Guild Missions - Every Friday at 8PM Eastern US. Members are expected to attend if online.
  • WvW - Small group roaming Friday after missions. We are based on the server Kaineng.

Our secondary non-scheduled activities are as follows.

  • Living story releases - You can always expect these are highly anticipated and active.
  • Strike Missions - These are usually casually announced in game in guild chat around server reset daily.
  • Meta/World Bosses - Many participating members on a daily basis.
  • T4 Fractals - Usually people seeking groups the hours proceeding server reset.
  • Misc Raids - On occasion raids will be ran outside scheduled times for various reasons. Fillers for current statics may be needed weekly.

Other note worthy community activities and features.

  • Max level guild hall with all the amenities such as free reward boosters.
  • Weekly Giveaways for attending Guild Missions.
  • Regular Monthly Raffles with high value prizes.
  • Active discord with only the finest memes.
  • Other seasonal and festival based activities include but not limited to costume contests, trivia, hide and seek, secret santa, ect.

Why join XHSA?

XHSA has been a community focused guild that puts people first for over 14 years. Our community is welcomes new players of any experience. Our veteran base has completed the most challenging content and achievements that Guild Wars 2 has to offer, and have been here since release. With our members knowledge base and the history that comes with a solid and effective leadership structure, we have much to offer the next up and coming players. We are here and host these activities to lift players up that need a leg into the content types our activities are based on.

In addition, we focus on quality over quantity membership. You can be certain that our present roster of 150+ players are all active and dedicated members that have our community as their main community. Here you will find that we are not only a roster of players, but a community that is founded on the basis of community is what makes the game great. When you join our guild, you are not being invited to be another person on a roster. You are being welcomed by an entire community will already know a bit about you before you join. We are here not only to game, but to make some good friends along the way.

How do I join?

You can join by reviewing the link below and applying via our website.


Please don't be intimidated by the application itself. It is a formality that mostly serves two purposes. One, it gives us an opportunity to learn a bit about you before we invite you to the guild. Two, it checks that you have an understanding of our two most basic requirements.

Your application is posted to our discord for our members to get to know you a bit. From there an officer will contact you for an invite. If you have any questions, the best way to get a hold of us is in game via the contacts below, or via our discord linked in our website.

Director - Mireles Lore.5942

Deputy Director - ShaBangBang.9172

Looking forward to meeting all that are interested.