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{NA} LF friendly PvX guild

Hello there. I'm a max level, max xpac player who has been playing on and off since beta. I've never explored too much of the game outside of PvP, and I'd really like to give the other aspects a solid chance. Finding a few pals to explore that with would be great. I mostly play Guard/Necro, but I do have a max level of almost every class. I'm willing to run your builds/etc. Smaller guilds are preferred, but I'm not against a larger one altogether. Send me an in game mail, or leave a comment if you think I may make a nice addition to your guild.


  • Jevati.4328Jevati.4328 Member ✭✭✭

    Hiya, Rei! I sent you an in-game message, but I thought I'd write here, too. =) You might be interested in the guild I lead, Café Solidarity. Here's our recruitment post, which has info about us, including the link to our Discord. We're small, like you mentioned, and we do mostly PvE stuff. We often do Fractals on the weekends and we do Guild Missions on Wednesday evenings. I just posted the info for our holiday activities, which includes our Wintersday Party, Secret Snowflake (gift exchange), Eight Days of Giveaways (prizes), and Art & Writing Collab (more prizes for people who enter). We may be small, but we really care about each other. Maybe we'd be a good fit for you! I'm happy to answer questions or connect with you here, in game, or on Discord, too. Best wishes in your search for a guild! :)