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Wolfborn Norn Mesmer (Makes sense?)

I’m trying to think of a reason why my norn mesmer would follow wolf rather than, let’s say Raven. It is irritating me to no end because i like having a solid character backstory before playing them. I was thinking maybe that Wolf saw that she would someday have to lead a pack (Pact) and that’s why? Any help would be appreciated.


  • From the wiki: "Wolf is dedicated to brotherhood and loyalty and is the bond that cannot be broken. He keeps people together in the face of impossible odds and reminds them that they need never fight alone."

    Also from the wiki: "Followers of Wolf scorn Snow Leopard's stealth as "cowardice," and the shamans of Bear are known to mistrust Raven's adherents, calling their deceptions dishonorable and weak."

    Of course, that's just, like, their opinion, man.

    While a Norn mesmer is more likely to be associated with a spirit like Raven, there's no reason to think that they couldn't just as easily associate with any other spirit. That communities and their constituents are varied is as true in Tyria as it is IRL. For the Norn in particular, the spirits represent complexes of character traits, rather than a particular element, concept, or martial or magical art. If your character is committed to family, community, or other forms of relationship among their highest values, then it would make sense for them to follow Wolf; if their aptitude is for magic (particularly mesmer magic), then it would also make sense for them to be a mesmer.

    Hope that helps!

  • Wolves hunt in packs. A mesmer creates its own "pack" with its phantasms and clones.

  • Thanks for the help guys ❤️