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PvE casual fun player looking for a home

Hi there! casual player, i was out of game for a while but have come back. looking for a fun +18 guild that does farming/maps and events in my time zone, US eastern time zone. i usually play every night and some afternoons on the weekend, but am super casual and can be pretty noobish at times LOL. i dont mind helping out with people working on their stories if i am online, i dont do dungeons or raids but if ya want a noobie tagalong count me in. i just finished my gourmet training and like crafting stuff. i have my ascended weapons and armor and pretty fashionable HAHAHAHA... send me a message in game, my game name is Sunshine Pixie Dust


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    Hello Gweneth,

    We have a guild you might be interested in. We are XHSA, a community focused guild for over 14 years.

    Just to hit on some of your points. Our most active hours are in the evening for the US time zones. We host a wide variety of events and are new player/casual friendly. Our main scheduled events circle around dungeons, fractals, casual raids, guild missions, and wvw on kaineng server. These have no requirements outside of having something meta for raids. We are also very active in meta events and just misc non-scheduled aspects of the game.

    We are a pretty laid back guild of both people new to the game from players that have been active since day 1. We are focused on maintaining an inclusive community and having fun. We would love for you to join us.

    If you want to learn a bit more about us you can check out our recruitment listing at the bottom of this post includes a link to our website to join.

    We do have a short application. Please don't be intimidated by our process. This application is only for giving our members a chance to get to know a bit about you and to make sure you understand a bit about us. This allows us to welcome our new members as friends that we all had taken a little bit of time to get to know to welcome them into our community.

    If you have any questions, the best way to get a hold of me is in game or via the discord linked on our website.

    Looking forward to meeting you