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[EU][PVX] Diamond Crew [DCW] is recruiting active social/PvX players!

Hello o/

We are an EU guild, looking for mature (18+), active people who seek a community to be at home with and have fun with in GW2, rather than a ‘focused’ guild that only does one element of the game. We offer all content, PvE, PvP, WvW (Ring of Fire), Raids, Fractals, Guild missions and Guildhall. We have weekly raid training and fractal training, as well as weekly guild missions.

We are looking for members who want to help each other and everyone is welcome, no matter their playstyle or experience with GW2, as long as you are looking for a community that can become a group of your friends. Is that what you seek, we are the guild for you. Representing is preferred but not a must, as long as you join our discord and are active in guild chat and discord, partake in events, all is fine.

There is a 3 month inactivity limit (Meaning 3 months offline) but in cases where you are unable to play for longer periods of time, we are understanding so long as we are informed, as ‘life goes on’.

If you are interested and want to join us or have any questions you can post here, whisper or mail CurlyTheWalkingWard.5287, OmgItzLava.1873, Padgett.5314 or JJScratch.2769.