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Game Performance is low

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Settings: Everything on LOW or OFF.
Computer specs:
CPU: i7 4790k @4.5GHz
RAM: 16GB (2x8GB) with XMP
Disc: Samsung SSD

My drivers are up do date, I have no Windows errors and my drives are showing good status with no bad sectors. Temps are below 60 deg C. CPU usage is around 40-50%. GPU usage is around 20%. RAM usage 7.1GB (45%).

Is it normal to run this game on this computer below 55 fps? I mean I can run Jedi Fallen Order on maximum settings with 90 fps. I can even run Overwatch on 4k, medium settings with 60+ fps.


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    This will surprise you as you try to compare the results to solo games with engines fully optimized for a solo experience.

    But what you're saying here in terms of FPS doesn't shock me more than that, I mean I have slightly less with an i76800K @ 4 Ghz and 64GB Ram and a GTX1080Ti I have to be within 45 fps on open cards.

    As a world boss with a lot of people, even in a small world, it can go down a little bit or even a lot on some of them for example.

    I'll explain you in a simple sentence that you'll never have or that with very specific hardware of 144 fps on open maps, no CPU is able to do the factorization calculations necessary for the various trajectory calculations without being put on its knees and the rest of the hardware is in fact not necessarily fully exploited because of this bottleneck.

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    I recommend giving the DX9 to DX12 API a go. There were performance improvements when I was using a gtx970 and I've recently upgraded to amd rx5700xt. Make sure you read through the guide and installation process. There are quite a few benchmarks on YouTube with comparisons but the best way is to run tests in game in CPU limited scenarios and note the difference!

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    @ Carousel.7523 , I forgot to pass on feedback regarding my gpu upgrade. It's made a big difference being able to max out all settings without impacting fps (except character model limit which I keep at low to minimise CPU bound scenarious)

  • @Mack.3045 I've used dx12pxy before and it was a little better for me, but I was wondering if I was doing something wrong in the first place. I've seen a better performance on GTX 1060 3GB so I guess I will have to invest in new graphics card. Thank you for your input!

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    CPU usage in total is not relevant. Look at the single cores. GW2 sadly still is quite single threaded. But yes, to use more cores would require a major overhaul of the engine.
    Youre 4790k should actually work not that bad. My old rig has a 3770k plus a RX580, works quite fine, even without dx912pxy.
    Using Direct X12 helps somewhat, because its more effective regarding CPU. I got +40% FPS standing on the top of the stairs in Wintersday on my
    Ryzen 3700X, together with a 5700X, with one core at 100%, rest somewhat idling. Interestingly that one core is much more flat at 100% as without dx912pxy.
    But youre 970 card might not be a 100% suitable for DX12. Nvidia does wonders regarding CPU usage in the drivers regarding DX9, but the old cards
    are not specifically good at DX12. The new cards work much better here.
    And do not buy anything with 3 GB RAM. 3 GBytes already start being a problem. 4 GB for 1080p gaming I consider absolute minimum when buying new.
    6GB+ is far more future proof here. I definitely would not go below that.

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    @Carousel.7523 said:
    @Mack.3045 I've used dx12pxy before and it was a little better for me, but I was wondering if I was doing something wrong in the first place. I've seen a better performance on GTX 1060 3GB so I guess I will have to invest in new graphics card. Thank you for your input!

    You're welcome mate ! I was sceptical that the GPU upgrade would make much of a difference. I'm very happy with the investment. I forgot to say I'm using a 1440p monitor.

  • This is the main reason I still can't come back. It's been 9 months now...

  • I agree that the game Needs some sort of engine optimization to withstand the next expansion and content because of how many players will be interested in checking or rechecking the game out, that being said they should invest on that and players are bound to stay longer and of course spend more money to justify the time and effort the devs put into it.
    The game deserves better and big encounters are a no-no right now for most people, other competitor games have done so well because of how well they run on most builds, currently gw2 almost looks worse than those games and performs worse, I own many mmorpgs and I tested it a lot, in big raids the game cant stand on its own feet at the moment, hopefully arena are cooking some good big update that will shake things up, considering the latest announcements, they should.

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    How come that neither CPU nor GPU are utilized more than about 40-80%, yet the FPS are dropping/not reaching the 60FPS (60hz monitor)?

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    Use a program that let's you grab more accurate usage results. Also in an mmorpg (and a lot of other games) CPU usage means nothing, because they focus on one core more than others. You should log the usage of each core individually and find out if one of them is going above 80-90% usage.