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Game Closes/Shuts Down After Hitting the Play Button

Just what it says. Anyone have any support for this? Been running game on same computer for years now, so I know its not a hardware problem. I launch client, hit login, it logs me in fine, and I hit play. Game does not even start up, just closes out and does not run. I tried to launch from desktop icon, start menu icon, and launch as admin, nothing works. Any solutions?


  • Are you using any programs with overlays? Discord, etc? If so, try disabling/uninstalling them.
    Try starting the game with the Command Line Argument, -windowed

    Good luck.

  • I just had this issue. Went back and forth with customer support for days, finally posted here about it. Someone mentioned to use the -prefreset switch when launching the game and it worked immediately. Just had to redo all my settings and then removed the switch.