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Character Screen Fails to load

Pressing play after logging in fails to produce a character screen and locks up my computer.
I can hear the music playing in the background but no character screen loads.
The only thing I can do is hit restart. I can bring up the task manager but it will not let me force close GW2.
This does not happen every time. It is an intermittent thing. What could be causing this?


  • Sometimes overlays interfere with the game. Things like Discord, etc. Check all programs that could be using overlays.

    Good luck.

  • I thought that as well so I had been launching the game before anything else and it still happens. I hoping that the update to the NVIDIA coding fixed this issue. I have not had this happen in a while now.

  • Well, you could try some Command Line Arguments, as the aforementioned fix is not until the 28th.
    even -maploadinfo and then remove it

    Could try clearing the GW2 cache and deleting local.dat, as well.

    Good luck.