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display reset

hi all. ill just cut to the chase quick. i have three screens and was running gw2 in eye infinity (making all screen act as one) the resolution was 5760x1080. i have since uninstalled the program that uses eye infinity. now all screens act like 3 separate screens again. when i start gw2 everything starts out fine until i get to the select character screen. my screen flashes blackn white. i cant get into the game. i feel like the game is still searching for the 5670x1080 resolution where it was set at before i uninstalled the eye infinity program. i have the all the displays set to 1920x1080. i tried uninstalling gw2 n reinstalling it. it didnt help. is there a way i can reset the resolution back to default again without actually going into the game?

thanks in advance.


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    If you want the defaults, you can simply delete the %appdata%/Guild Wars 2/ folder. Alternatively, you could try using the -windowed option. If you want to manually configure the resolution, you can open %appdata%/Guild Wars 2/GFXSettings.Gw2-64.exe.xml in notepad and search for resolution.