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Together We Roam[HUNT] is Recruiting players of all levels, come [HUNT] with us! NA server!



  • @Groggyfrog.9754 said:
    Somewhat new player, main character is about 47 right now, pretty casual play hours but some days I have a lot of time. Are you still recruiting?

    Yes we are, go ahead and add me and whisper me and e mail me in game :)

  • @The Gate.2487 said:
    Hey, I'm a returning player with not alot of time to play.I'm just looking for a nice guild willing to help me get up to speed with the game and enjoy some time together.Looking forward to hearing from you!

    We definitely can be the guild for you :) Message me in game or send me a mail!

  • Bumping! :) Message me in game if you're interested or mail me. I want to recruit quality players who will want to learn and grow together, this is why I do the interview process. add me or mail me @DeusVolt.4307 Thanks and Have a happy day! :)

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  • Daily Bump, message me or mail me in game to set up an interview so we can see if we're the right match for each other :)

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  • Good afternoon.Just saw this post and had to reply.Just sent you a message.Regular mellow player.Hoping your still recruiting.

  • Hello, just a holiday/New Year update. We have sized down the guild quite considerably, building a great core player base. With that being said; we are definitely still looking to recruit players, whether you're a new player or a veteran; don't be afraid to shoot me a mail in game or whisper me if you want to join. With that out of the way, here is what we offer you as a guild:
    1. A community and a place for you to learn, grow at your own pace and enjoy the game with
    2. A discord channel and players who are willing to answer questions(if you are new) and veteran players to run T4s/CMS with if you are an experienced player
    3. If you need it, one on one time will be given, we do not discriminate players, so if you are hungry to learn and want to ask questions, don't be afraid to ask for help
    4. A guild who WvWs often and also has a healthy balance of PvE as well
    5. A guild who runs events on a set schedule, Guild missions, Bounties, Metas as well as Dungeon/Fractal Nights

    What we expect from a player wanting to join us:
    1. If you are truly interested, once you mail me or message me, I would like to have a 1 on 1 conversation to ascertain why you want to join as we do not just invite random people. This is for the benefit of both parties; to see if we are a good fit for each other.
    2. A player who is dedicated to helping make a community flourish and also gain friends along the way
    3. Someone who is not elitist or snobbish when it comes to the End Game, as we have a mix of new/casual players
    4. Someone who will not commit self imposed "cliques" inside the guild, as we look down on this poorly, we want everyone to feel included!
    5. A player who can use discord on certain events such as Fractals/Dungeons or even to just talk and hang out(This is not mandatory)

    If you are interested in joining and if you have already messaged me, I implore you to mail me in game or message me in game again at DeusVolt.4307 and I look forward to meeting anyone and everyone! Here's to a New Year and New Friends! :)

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  • Bumping we just got some new family members yesterday, come join us ^_^

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  • I'm a new player and I ask a lot of questions. If that's cool I'm down to join. I got my first lvl 80 just the other day. During the week I play late nights when I get off work but in the weekends I'm mostly on all the time.

  • Of course, go ahead and add me in game and message/mail me. I love answering questions and helping! As does the guild ^_^ DeusVolt.4307 is the name

  • Hey I’m an experienced Guild wars 1 player. Looking to dive deeper into GW2 PVE and PVP content. Whether you offer both or not. I’d like to join your community!

  • @desc.5637 said:
    Hey I’m an experienced Guild wars 1 player. Looking to dive deeper into GW2 PVE and PVP content. Whether you offer both or not. I’d like to join your community!

    Add me in game and mail me/whisper me and we can get you inducted in ^_^ DeusVolt.4307

  • Bumping! We have room for roughly 8-10 more people before we take a hiatus from recruiting. This is to ensure that we build a community of tight knit players who play together and love having fun together. Mail me in game or message me at DeusVolt.4307

  • Hey all :) we're still recruiting. We have room for about 10 more people AND I'm also looking for guild officers, just message/mail me in game if you're interested in joining. If you're interested in joining as an officer; you would also get a bonus of 10g a week as expenses. You can get ahold of me at DeusVolt.4307

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  • Bumping!!! Come [HUNT] with us now, if you're apprehensive or afraid, I usually perform a talk/interview to see if we're the right fit for each other. This way, we can get any questions out of the way and fill in any blanks. Mail me or message me at DeusVolt.4307

  • We're still recruiting, our guild hall is level 30 now, we've upgraded our gathering nodes and are doing Guild missions Every Saturday at 8 PM PST! Come join us :) Whisper or mail me @ DeusVolt.4307 so we can set up an interview!

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  • Pax.8692Pax.8692 Member ✭✭

    What's the general age group of this guild?

  • @Pax.8692 said:
    What's the general age group of this guild?

    typically 20-60, we have a few older players, most of us are in our 20s-30s while the rest are in their 40s-60s

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