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Hype to flop in 2 hours

Kilamanjaro.2705Kilamanjaro.2705 Member ✭✭✭
edited January 28, 2020 in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

I hate to start a complaint thread, but I don't see The feedback thread so here goes the thread thats gonna get merged somewhere and buried in something with a nicer title.
1.Let my launcher run last night to install patch, woke up to a failure to apply message. redownload= minor
2.Got in, no story. Check story tab to see 350 gems, but it quickly fixes itself= annoying but minor
3. Hyped to get in and start. Find another artificially stretched map forcing you through round about paths to make it feel bigger so we have our mounts but their impact is minimized, per Post-PoF. As well as the other standard of knockdown/chill/bleed/slow/vulnerability/etc spam on every mob=minor
4. Drakkar hype, find escort.........broken= beginning of personal breakpoint
5. Lets check out the new weapons........discover I have to remake all the t2 weapons again...........I'm done/logout/create this forum post/ go play something else and wait for hotfixes and updates