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The most painful part of Skyscale Collection?

OK I finally got it done after hard work, along with the mastery. It was freaking long and terrible. What's the most painful part of it in ur opinion?

To me it's

The dwarf rooms in part 2 Skyscale of Ice/Water. It's so time consuming and easy to die.

The jumping puzzle in part 2 Skyscale of Fear, you need to use mount to jump to a very high place.

The Saddle part, 250 currencies for each map.

The long Dragonfall map collection in part1 , you can't do them all together.

a few jump puzzles in lost, the Sand portal puzzle was also painful, it require jumps in short time, and even if you get into the room, you could be killed easily by the Djinns. Glad you can skip them, I didn't because of good ppl helping me.

The Branded Anomaly in Skyscale lost, it's not a hard boss but was painful to get to.

I did most of the part myself. Just like 3 JP was using TP to friend with ppl's help. The Springer jump in Skyscale of Fear was helped with a portal because I could not make the last jump. 1 of the JP was used with treat. Had to buy the Lump because I'm not a jewler.