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An idea for rewards from strike missions.


Strike missions are a great concept and I really enjoy them as a casual raider. I don't actually really care about rewards (The fun in killing strike bosses is what I love about these), but since this is supposed to be a stepping stone for more challenging content like raids I'd like to propose a decent solution to the rewards problem.

Two strike currencies could be added to the game along with an appropriate vendor: A currency for exotic gear and a currency for ascended gear.
The drop rates for this could be daily locked at 100 for exotic gear and 15 for ascended gear. Each strike would drop appropriate amounts of these currencies at different reward levels currently present in strikes:

Bronze: 10 Exotic currency
Silver: 20 Exotic currency and 5 Ascended currency
Gold: 20 Exotic currency and 8 Ascended currency

A full set of armor and weapons could be costed at around 300 currency for both exotic and ascended versions (with ascended versions requiring the crafting marks as well). This means that a full set of exotic gear would take 3 days to get and a full set of ascended gear would take around 3 weeks. These armor pieces would be stat selectable with every stat combination available. These values could of course be adjusted (for example getting a full set of armor and weapons for magnetite shards takes 6 weeks but this doesn't require any crafting marks and you have a decent chance to drop ascended equipment from raid bosses as well).

This would solve multiple problems:
1. Meaningful rewards from strikes
2. Problems with acquiring HoT and PoF stats on exotic equipment (They're way more expensive to acquire and they're untradeable)
3. Solidifying strikes as the stepping stone to harder content.
4. Promotion of trying out different builds (since HoT and PoF stats are annoying to get)

I see this solution as ideal because it doesn't just another gold reward that inflates the economy. Of course I'd like to also spark a discussion around this solution so feel free to point out any mistakes or things you don't agree with.

Thank you.


  • Very similar to doing dungeon contents in ffxiv giving tomes for weaker gears and more recent gears

    Definitely would push more people to do this content on a daily basis
    I'm all for it!