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GEMSTORE REQUESTS: New Items; Items offered again

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Players have shared a number of terrific suggestions for Guild Wars 2 Gem Store items. From outfits that hark back to old Tyria to miniatures that warm the heart, from dye sets that personalize your look to new gliders that make a statement, player ideas have help us expand our Gem Store to include a wide variety of wonderful items.

If you have a suggestion – or several! – that you’d like to share with the development team about potential Gem Store items, please post them in this continuing thread.

Thanks for your input!

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  • Please bring back the Strider's armor for some days =)
    One of the best chest pieces for leather class and I missed it because I did not pay attention. I completely missed that it was not an outfit but armor parts...
    Please bring it back =) Pretty please?

  • Would be cool to see The Juggernaut #2 skill on guard with a splash effect of the quicksilver on impact instead of that rainbow splash that looks like The Bifrost aura.

  • Please bring back Foefire mantle and wraps.

  • Maybe a one off or a full black lion set: Inquest Universal Weapon(s) - Such as a staff stored looks like a blocky stick exactly the size of the grips for characters, when weilded the ends form a holagraphic shape(s) diffrent based on the class holding it(elementalist has element symbols floating, thief the ends become blades, druid a branch, revenant have blunted ends, guardian a book).
    Googly Eye cannon! Toy- Lets players shoot players and inanimate objects/geometry with momentary googly eyes.
    Or maybe a plaid dye set? (not sure if a texture can go into a dye channel)
    A set of the Aviator shades with yellow or dye-able lenses?

  • @crosknight.3041 said:

    @robert von strife.1729 said:
    A Gear Loadout/build slot/s, would save us alot of regear/respec clicks and be a good way to sell somthing really useful for the community!
    Some nice UI flavour for it with the possibility of saving/storing the gear/weaps inside each, i know its not little to ask but community would really love it!

    Honestly im not sure why that isnt a feature upcoming in PoF, they can easily sell more build slots if they gave everyone 2 or 3. it's a pain in the kitten to swap out all my normal trinket and stat/rune swap my legendary stuff. would save me loads of time if i could swap to a preset build at the click of a button.

    and now for my suggestion, home instance bookshelf for all the little lore books you pick up (got a bank tab full of them), mystic coin slot home instance node (get 1-3 coins a day), and a giant spoon hammer skin

    Indeed, would be a great thing for everybody and pvp has kind of a subsystem similar to it already althou would need some more work ofc.
    Love the Bookshelf idea and the coins node \o/

  • I like playing my Charr Engineer, but I miss playing my Dervish from GW1. Please make a scythe my Engineer can use. I'd pay lots of $$$ if you can make this happen.

  • Can you bring back Flamekissed/Flamewalker/Flamewrath armor skins again?

    They're fire-themed and good for Fashion Wars.

  • Fenom.9457Fenom.9457 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I like how now with thumbs up people can show they support without making another post... which I guess I just did... uhhh I suggest more dragon wings. Shatterer, Claw of J, Shadow of the dragon, Aestus/Ignis, Undeadwyvern, etc


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