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Quick, simple, question. Anyone in the know, will know the answer instantly. To wit . . . .

If you are in possession of :
(1) a Utility Primer
(2) an Experience Booster.

Then, how does the "timing" really work?

A) The Utility Primer states that " Any utility item consumed while the primer is active will have the same remaining time as the primer, rounded up to the next hour. Does not stack."


B) The Experience Booster states that "Grants the following benefits for 2 hours:

+50% Experience in All Game Types
+50% Reward Track Gain in PvP and WvW
Up to 100% Bonus Experience for Kill Streaks

Sooooooooooo, Does this mean that:

One can start the XP booster and run it for 1 hour and 55 minutes,
and then
add the Utility Primer at that point,
and then get another 12 hours from it --
giving you almost 14 hours of XP boost . . .


Does it mean that the Utility Primer has to be started first, and then

XP Booster can only be started immediately after that to get just the 12 hours boost?

I'm sure somebody SMART here has looked into this and has a succinct answer.
Looking forward to that response!!


  • The primer won't work for the booster, as it is only for utility items lite sharpening stones etc. (see https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Utility_item).
    If you want to use the primers for food or utility, you have to use the primer first. If you use the item first, the primer won't extend the duration.

  • Haleydawn.3764Haleydawn.3764 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Boosters are boosters.
    Utilities are things like sharpening stones and oils &c.

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    Like other people already said, gemstore boosters can't be extended by primers. In general, though, primers need to be used first, and then they will extend the time of utilities (or food for food primer) to the same time as one still left on primer. Anything eaten before the primer doesn't get extended.

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  • SoulGuardian.6203SoulGuardian.6203 Member ✭✭✭✭

    What everyone already said... and also yes, the utility primer would have to be used first anyways.

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    As stated, it won't work at all as presented, for reasons already explained in the thread.

    However, with buff items that do work with Utility Primer, it functions thus:
    Using the Utility Primer grants a 12-hour buff which triggers the next time a Utility item buff is applied. The Primer buff then replaces the new Utility buff's duration.

    It cannot be used to artificially extend preexisting buffs.
    As long as it takes you less than 1 hour to use a Utility item, the total Utility duration will be set to 12 hours.
    It does not function with multiple Utility buffs, because Utility buffs replace each other.
    - It CAN, however, apply to different Utility buffs as long as the Primer is still in effect. It will set the time according to its time remaining, NOT the full 12 hours.
    Using multiple Primers are redundant. It will only set the Primer buff timer back to 12 hours.

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