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Procedurally-generated Open World Quests

Hey there,

While scrolling through the YouTube page I stumbled upon the latest Hytale progression update. It's going to be a Sandbox MMO with RPG elements set in a Minecraft-y world.

What caught my interest is that Hytale is going to use the system of procedurally-generated open world quests that can pop up whenever you go into the dungeon or you're near the treasure. These quests can then either end after let's say killing 20 mobs or they can go on to create a quest chain that allows you to get further rewards. I have to say that this is a pretty nice idea for an MMO, as this approach seems a lot less linear than traditional questing system.

Every map in the Open World has similar features, these being: mobs, gathering nodes, hidden chests, events, veterans, and now Mastery related things.

Currently Events serve a purpose of this random kind of content that appears out of nowhere and you have to go on. What if GW2 was to merge Hearts with Events and make them a lot more organic. Meta Events are a very definition of a chain quest.
Different quests could result in different outcomes, so story-wise it doesn't get boring. Instead of designing 4 different quests / events that currently pop on the map, we could have 2-3 of them and each can turn out differently. Sometimes ending a little bit faster or taking longer to complete.

I know that GW2 has its coding and system but I thought that Hytale's concept sounds pretty fun on the paper.


  • kratan.4619kratan.4619 Member ✭✭✭

    I believe that originally there was no plan for heart quests. But, in beta, people complained that there was no direction, nothing to let them know where to go next. So the hearts were added.

  • Tyncale.1629Tyncale.1629 Member ✭✭✭
    edited February 3, 2020

    I like the Hearts in GW2, I like the DE's even more. Questing done right imo.

    As for the random quest generation in Hytale, I always get a little hyped when I read that but features like that usually are pretty disappointing in the end, because a "random" Quest usually ends up in a variation of " get me x of this and kill me y of that" , in various incarnations. Anarchy Online already had this with Missions. Not saying it is all bad, since you could get a lucky draw resulting in an easy, short mission for the same reward. And the mission-texts, though samish in nature, at least differed slightly every time.

    But maybe this technology is advancing and we can actually get more variation wrapped up in what could be experienced as a small story.