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  • coso.9173coso.9173 Member ✭✭✭✭

    To me a simple way to make it better is to make it have different mechanics and skills in the 2 different phases. Most of the ones in phase 2 are the same as in 1.

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    I think it would be better to make the three corrupted spirits spawn at the same time to divide the zerg and make it impossible to just kill one spirit and join another instance to kill another (like in silverwaste. Other than that, make the drakkar mechanics a bit more harmful.

    At this point, Drakkar is just a too long drawn out encounter with not much going around, despite all the efforts to make it interesting.

  • Lurana.7506Lurana.7506 Member ✭✭✭

    I think the fight has great potential. And design wise it's really beautiful. Also I really love the voive performance from Jhavi's voice actress! Here are some thoughts from me to further improve thr fight:

    @BlackBullWings.2734 said:
    Main issues that I see:

    • Too easy
    • Repetitive

    These are two of my main three points. I would like the fight to be more challenging. But not because it's a huge dps sponge and sometimes time runs out (I heard that happenend but when I tried it we always did it in time). But I want it to be challenging because its mechanics are difficult. Here are some ideas:

    • damage output of drakkar should be way higher so that healers and smart playing are important
    • make Drakkar a bit less tanky
    • during the shield phase: everyone outside the shield should get heavy damage
    • same shield phase: not breaking the break bar in time results in damaging all players quite a lot
    • portal mechanics: taking one raven portal during the fight results in not being able to take another one. When you take the first portal you will not be able to take one of the others whatsoever
    • the three bosses behind the raven portal should be more difficult
    • add more mobs during the fight

    As for the repititive part:

    • Drakkar should become more challenging and should have more mechanics once he switched positions to the new area of the fight

    The third issue for me: lack of rewards. In guild chat they spoke about new rewards added to the game. And that's brilliant! Thank you very much. Outside of being fun the fight should let players have other motivations, too. And that's rewards. They said that the drop rates of the rewards will not be very low because it should not be difficult to be so lucky to get them. But rather it should be difficult to get rewards at all because the fight is challenging. When they can do that, it would be really really nice.

    But in addition to that: bring a super rare reward that one can only get in that fight.
    By doing that, there would be still a reason to do the boss in several years. At least for those players who despiritely want that reward. It could be a new armour skin. I'm thinking of something like the invisible boots. Or maybe a backpack. Or a new cape with a very different design than the ones we have so far. It should be something recognisable.

  • Maybe Drakkar should focus more on people attacking his left paw than roaring at the wall. That area should be more dungerous like at the Tequatl. It's easy to die there, right? Stomps (CC for every wave) and toxic coulds do their work. Drakkar has some moving aoes (tornados?) but they're not doing too much damage, so players can just ignore them.
    Adding more mobs won't help. They will just die at stack anbe ignored (Shatterer in Jahai is the perfect example).
    I think like that shield phase needs something, maybe Drakkar should attack players running to the gates? And it needs more damage. The dragon is trying to eat you, duh, how someone can survive that? Maybe Drakkar should attack at the center so Jhavi and players have to run or die?

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  • lare.5129lare.5129 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Say I like it - this is the same as suggest to look how it will be come more "relative fat" each day. Don't check yet, but hope that we have small achiv count that depends from that boss.

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    @Cyninja.2954 said:

    @Cylokin.2560 said:
    That break bar needs to be buffed, it is broken too fast and easy.

    Remember, most players on map and at meta are of the more dedicated crowd currently. Just as with the last Bjora Marches map meta, expect more casual players (with less experience, there is also experienced casual players) to join into the meta over time. A very easy breakbar turns into a quite difficult breakbar with time and influx of less experienced players.

    Case in point, it took a couple of days for me to see a Bjora Marches map meta fail (the one with the giant needing to get chained), but now I've seen that one fail multiple times. This might also just be due to many players just not wanting to bother with chains (which says a lot when a full map can't even get 6-7 people to do chains).

    If the first two days I did Drakkar a lot for the achievements and it never failed. Yesterday evening I was revisiting it and it failed (both two times I was there).

    This is a common-pattern I have seen before, too. After a few days, with the influx of new, unexperienced players, events could fail more often and they could get harder to complete.

    @DoRi Silvia.4159 said:
    Yes I think the difficulty could go up but I think they are on the right track here.

    This whole episode actually felt like that anet was trying to get the casuals trained upto more harder content

    and the new strike just shows that they are really putting in am effort to familiarize players to more difficulty (yay!)

    Anet already failed with that some years ago, at the time when they pushed sPVP and raised the difficulty level in PvE to train players for sPVP.
    I liked the increased difficulty, but allegedly Anet lost a lot of players, that did not like the changes.

    … the green circle mechanics very similar to vale guardians circles

    If you like Vale Guardian mechanics in Open-World, look at the Legendary Unbound Guardian in Bloodstone Fen.

    For me the difficulty of the Drakkar fight is Ok, but the fight takes just too long and because of that becomes too boring too fast.

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  • Make the portal debuff twice as long, force people to have to seperate into 3 groups or the event fails. At the same time reduce the hp alittle bit. Make it so the event fails only because people fail the mechanics, not the dps check.

  • Neutra.6857Neutra.6857 Member ✭✭✭

    To me the fight is too repetitive, and that is in part due to how much hp this boss has. The other part i that the mechanics don't change. There is a lot of potential with this boss, especially since he is basically the "norn" version of mordremoth. In the story we heard about the kodan losing people to hi voice, make use of that, have the turned kodan attack us. The story make a big deal out of the spirits, make more use of them by tying mechanics to their individual spirit. So for instance we have a spirit that deals with courage, o use a fear mechanic, hell you could use the stuff from the shrines around the map. As each corrupted creature is dealt with, you turn that against drakkar, and drakkar becomes more desperate, and his attacks become more powerful, even as the variety decreases since he can no longer access the spirit. Make use of the min control ability to make it so that during certain phases for a short time some players are stunned and lead away from the fight to do something else.