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Flame Legion Battles in Diessa Plateu stuck

I've been to Diessa Plateu on different times on different days and the Meta to get to the Font of Rhand is not moving anywhere. Harrownight and his warband are just standing around waiting for their engineer to come around but when you go talk to the engineer it's just non-game mechanic dialogue, it doesn't advance anywhere.


  • Hope you submitted a progress-blocking bug report in game on that, too.

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  • I did do that.

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    It’s been reported for years. Since it’s not part of the newest released content, doesn’t directly impact the gemstore, and doesn’t affect story progression, chances are that it will never be prioritized high enough to be fixed.

  • As of 2/8/2020 this has been reported as a block for the legendary Twilight. Because there is no way into the meta event allowing you access into the Flame temple and use the gloominator to capture the murk in the flame temple tombs. Hence you cannot complete the legendary quest Twilight III dusk: Please repair the script.