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Experience shards locked again and it is annoying as kitten!

So I had a happy life and login for few hours a week and play around and go here and there, then I noticed my XP bar doesn't gain anything in Path of Fire maps!
I remember a while back that was a thing in Thorn Jungle of something (Yea, that is how much I care about lore of the game, sorry!), and people complained so much that Anet give up and removed raid requirement for raid to gain XP and obviously shards.

So I thought that is the thing again, and opened the Masteries window and guess what, Roller Beetle mount is locked! and No way to open it or ignore it.


So what should I do? first spent hours in Wiki reading through things that I have no idea what they mean to find how to unlock it. and finally found it, not in wiki in a reddit post from someone else who had similar issue. Told myself, even though I hate those KITTEN personal stories, lets do this one and unlock that thing so I can gain XP again.

I'm not sure what goes in brain of developers of anet. Is it so hard to design a system that doesn't need locking the XP bar? a simple one would be when player selected a mastery, assign XP to that one, if they didn't just give them XP bar and shards. You might say someone might forget to select a mastery to train, don't we have those Kitten messages that suddenly pop up on screen when you touch something that you shouldn't have? can't you show one of those when training mastery is complete or player have available mastery to train but they have not selected one?

In another story, since there are 7 million people are playing the game right now, I was looking through looking for group to find a group in PoF maps to join, noticed that everyone ins in dragonfall. OK lets go there ... Em! a personal story again! Lets do it until I reach there. and I managed to get in. Cool now lets follow squad and do some events. Wait what? they can go there with skyscale and there is no other way to reach that champion up there? What the KITTEN?! ok how do you get that? Story again? KITTEN it, even though I KITTEN it, lets do it. after 16 times circling around the island to collect something that dev thought would be "so much fun" managed to complete it, now have to wait 2 hours for the mail to arrive. After whole weekend gathering stuff and doing Stupid stories and then waiting 2 hours to get that mail (Why?) I go to map that supposed to be sun's refuge! and guess what again? There is no portal there!


Look in Wiki and it says just go through portal! which portal? there is nothing in there!

Asked in map and someone told me have to finish personal stories before I can access that KITTEN area to be able to continue collecting stuff for skyscale and then "ha ha ha, goodluck ..., see you in a month ... ".

I don't have slightest interest in doing stories, I want to gain XP, collect shards and also get gold from doing events, so I can buy my ascended armor and all of this because rest of the maps in game are so nerfed that if you go anywhere other than PoF maps you gain copper for events. What happend to the idea of play however you like, whenever you like? I have no interest in personal stories and haven't finished any of them and now I'm forced to do those stories which I don't even know how many there are to be able to do my normal things in game which doesn't involve doing raids, instances, fractals, etc. I'm all happy but Nope!


  • Okay, so to unlock the Roller Beetle, there is a collection you have to complete by speaking with Gorrik in Kourna (Ep: Long Live the Lich) after completing a few steps of the story. Gorrik starts the collection, from there you have to gather certain items to complete it. As for the picture you are showing...you have to unlock a certain percent of the Sun's Refuge to unlock that portal. Otherwise, you have to enter from Venta Pass. This requires completing part of the Living World Stories to unlock, and then completing different collections to expand.

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  • bobsort.4097bobsort.4097 Member ✭✭✭

    Venta Pass doesn't have portal either, I checked that one before checking the one in here

  • Here's how to unlock Sun's Refuge, and how to access it: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Sun's_Refuge

    Good luck.

  • Rejoice! Today's Release changed how Spirit Shards and XP bars work.

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    I confirm it is still the same as before. Nothing changed and I still cannot earn XP or shards. I just completed a bounty for cockroach mount and didn't get XP.
    Same as before, I can earn XP in Tyria and Jungle but not in PoF. obviously I have active mastery in TIS which XP is redirected to masteries as before.

    Link to larger image

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    @Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:
    Here's how to unlock Sun's Refuge, and how to access it: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Sun's_Refuge

    Good luck.

    Thanks for the link, would you please point me to place where it says how to unlock it? none of the items under "Getting there" section are available to me. Seems to me that I have to do all LS4 stories and boring PoF stories to be able to unlock it

  • Right in the first paragraph: After completing Legacy, the third part of A Star to Guide Us during Living World Season 4, access to Sun's Refuge is unlocked for all characters on that account.

  • @Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:
    Rejoice! Today's Release changed how Spirit Shards and XP bars work.

    It did not. I'm in the same situation, I'm done with raptor/springer/skimmer/jackal/griffon and crystal champion, and the roller beetle mastery shows up locked, which blocks me from getting XP/spirit shards in PoF/LS4 zones.

  • Yeah, I'm not sure what they meant in the Patch Notes, but I don't get any XP in HoT, either.
    Perhaps, it's bugged.

  • So this is weird, somehow I managed to get a single levelup and the corresponding spirit shard in PoF yesterday, after which the experience bar was locked again.

    I better work on my roller beetle collection faster... :angry: