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How would you rate the fun in gw2 on a scale of 1-9 currently?

The Ace.9105The Ace.9105 Member ✭✭✭
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How would you rate the game as it is now?

How would you rate the fun in gw2 on a scale of 1-9 currently? 131 votes

The most fun ever.
Cerioth.7062Super Hayes.6890Dark Red Killian.3946AliamRationem.5172TheQuickFox.3826Batel.9206kiri.1467AshkyLicious.4729XYLO.7031astiao.7620 10 votes
Crono.4197DietPepsi.4371Uden Reavstone.3426PurebladeProductions.4875Fleebag.1384Tsakhi.8124Elothar.4382Cronospere.8143DeadTreeJig.6714Goettel.4389TheNecrosanct.4028Trise.2865Zaklex.6308Morlhach.4521EdgarMTanaka.7291CarolGam.2649MikeG.6389BlackBullWings.2734DaikonSamurai.6714Lexi.1398 36 votes
Pretty fun.
Manasa Devi.7958Arden.7480Wizler.8192Daddicus.6128kurfu.5623Game of Bones.8975mbhalo.1547Raknar.4735Frostfang.5109saye.9304Saber.8394Sorann Peace.9056Carlin Sanders.3587arielwind.8921coso.9173Makuragee.3058nomak.8693NorthernRedStar.3054Thorstienn.1642Irissa.2376 28 votes
Kinda Fun.
Weindrasi.3805Brimstone.3807DanAlcedo.3281Obfuscate.6430trixantea.1230Antycypator.9874 6 votes
It's okay.
Pifil.5193Rauderi.8706Curunen.8729Mazreal Blackknight.1564Kalendraf.9521Westenev.5289ArchonWing.9480hugo.4705lokh.2695Zitronenalien.4532gert.7698FyzE.3472Tycura.1982 13 votes
Kinda boring.
Karmapolice.4193Trinnitty.8256ffletcher.3468catalyst.1358Vash.2386slpr.2647otto.5684ilMasa.2546YtseJam.9784Cambeleg.7632Nightcore.5621CharJC.8365Archangel.3508Poormany.4507Konrad Curze.5130 15 votes
Pretty boring.
Arioch.6507Astralporing.1957Elmo Benchwarmer.3025sorudo.9054Dantert.1803Abdel Muhti.6431Stormscar.5489 7 votes
Neural.1824Ashantara.8731Evil.1580Kurrilino.2706Psycoprophet.8107Kagome.1250Reapwhatyousow.4536 7 votes
The most boring ever.
Loosmaster.8263Radiobiology.6185finkle.9513Sarog.9068Acheron.4731Alarei.8135Shikaru.7618SexyMofo.8923masterofdisaster.1609 9 votes


  • Glider.5792Glider.5792 Member ✭✭✭✭

    BIt hard to rate at this point. 3 years ago, i would chose one of the top options, but now with every passing year, it goes more down and down.
    Like, im still having fun, for like 1 week after every major patch i guess :shrug:
    Fractal speed kills, raids, Black Lion Chest Openings, random.

  • Fun.

    Played since launch and still having a great time, it's impossible to get into other MMO's just because of how painfully boring and grindy they are. In guild wars 2 whatever I want to do can be done, and they sacrifice of gear stat progression has the advantage that every level 80 zone is more or less not too braindead easy.
    I loved heart of thorns, since then however, the quality of open world has been going down. mounts make it too easy to skip everything.

  • Blude.6812Blude.6812 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Depends what map(s) you are playing.

  • Tsakhi.8124Tsakhi.8124 Member ✭✭✭

    @Blude.6812 said:
    Depends what map(s) you are playing.

    Like the map with the White Mantle? I really, really, friggin' hate them. As for my choice, I feel as though the game can consistently improve, which prevented it from getting a higher score.

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  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited February 11, 2020
    It's okay.

    Ok, depends on what you do. I explore, make characters, do personnal story, add decos in guild hall, do dungeons it's fun. Fractal depend on the day, if I have a nice pleasant group that's nice, if I have "impatients" that quit after 1 got downed in T3 it's annoying.

    Don't have much fun doing events because zero rewards.... I have enough of receiving essences of luck as daily reward, already have enough of them. A choice box would be better. Also doing Ipos, it's just annoying, have anything apart those annoying time gated incenses (using crystal), also still need 90 mystic coins, I don't have gold falling from the sky that kill the fun. Nothing rewarding apart maybe T4 fractals. (No silverwastes, don't have low lvl). The other day spendt 8g+2000 vm at merchant for just a profit of 2g, feeling bad.
    I really hope Drakkar will be really rewarding, and not another thing with 0% drop chance like those rares in bl chests, tot bags or gifts.

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  • YtseJam.9784YtseJam.9784 Member ✭✭✭
    Kinda boring.

    7 years ago I would have voted "The most fun ever", but fast forward to the past year, I think I was kind when I voted "Kinda Boring". The game has become bland and repetitive. One thing that we always looked forward were the seasonal events. But those are still the same as they were years ago, except the addition of a race... Living stories are also boring. I used to love the new chapters and couldn't wait to complete the story and all the achievements... With the Saga... meh. I'll do it whenever.

  • The most fun ever.

    GW2 gets better for me the more they add to it. Not every implementation hits the mark, but I find the overall product enjoyable. I participate in a range of activities with friends and guildmates on a daily basis.

    My biggest criticism of this game is that I wish it had more resources. It's always felt a little starved to me, and that feeling hasn't improved with the announcement of no expansion and no sign of what I would call "expansion-level" content.

  • Fun.

    Why would I be here if it wasn't fun for me?

  • Pretty fun.

    I think the answer depends upon how much you ignore the voice in your head telling you that you're burnt out on the game.

    The Commander will end you.

  • Cambeleg.7632Cambeleg.7632 Member ✭✭✭
    Kinda boring.

    The poll is too vague about the point, so I'll rate with all the contents involved.

    PvE: FUN.

    PvP: I can't rate it 'cos I don't play it.

    WvW: The most boring ever.

  • Fun.

    This is the best MMO in my opinion and I like most of the game. But I have played it since start and I have taken breaks for months sometimes ... Nothing lasts forever, but the LS and Friends makes me come back and I like it alot everytime.

  • Bassdeff.1895Bassdeff.1895 Member ✭✭✭

    @EdgarMTanaka.7291 said:
    This is the best MMO in my opinion and I like most of the game. But I have played it since start and I have taken breaks for months sometimes ... Nothing lasts forever, but the LS and Friends makes me come back and I like it alot everytime.

    @EdgarMTanaka.7291 said:
    This is the best MMO in my opinion and I like most of the game. But I have played it since start and I have taken breaks for months sometimes ... Nothing lasts forever, but the LS and Friends makes me come back and I like it alot everytime.

    This, I can quit this game today and come back in a year (I've taken several extended breaks from the game since launch) and still be able to play the latest content. You don't get punished and left behind because RL got in the way of the game. Even started and new account and within 2 weeks I was leveled up and geared in full exotics able to join in all the latest content. Not very many MMOs can do this.

  • Kinda boring.

    This current LS where you have to do events 20 times each is sooooooo boring. wvw depends greatly on when a player plays at certain time zones, no alliances yet to help funnel players during off times to make it feel alive. I'm getting to the point where achievements hunting is pointless. Better to just spend your time doing 'profitable things' in gw2 since the gem store is where real rewards are.

  • Elothar.4382Elothar.4382 Member ✭✭✭

    I do a lot of different things at different times. In game, I go with things I enjoy. If I tire of them, I move to something else. I am having fun. When I stop having fun, I'll stop playing.

  • Fun.

    I first fired up GW2 last June, but didn't really start playing until about 6 mos. ago. Having spent time with FF14 prior and WoW concurrently, I can honestly say I enjoy playing GW2 more than either of the other two, and I don't say that lightly. I genuinely prefer the mechanics and moment-to-moment gameplay.

    I'm sincerely worried about endgame, though. There are things I like about all three games, but what it comes down to is that as much as I enjoy playing GW2, I'm afraid that once I finish working through the living story/hot/pof content, there's nothing really compelling to keep me logging in.

    WoW ... I don't really want to talk about. I'm enough of a casual that, by the time I hit endgame, it's just about time for the next xpac, so...whatever. A little questing, a little gearing, rinse, repeat ... I love the art style, I like the lore, and while the game mechanics are fine, they also aren't what draws me in. But no matter what, there's always more to be done.

    FF14 really nailed it with the job and crafting system. The lore is good, the mechanics are ok, but good grief - no matter what kind of mood I'm in there's ALWAYS something compelling to do. Crafting decorations for the player-owned housing, grinding mounts, event quests, ...

    GW2 has the best gameplay (IMO); between the classes and the weapon skills, there's always a way to change up the grind to keep things interesting. The art direction is great (even if the engine holds it back in some respects), the lore appeals to me, and I just really want to spend time in Tyria, but ... the rewards are primarily materials for a crafting system that isn't particularly compelling, partly because it's just point-click-craft, and partly because the things worth crafting are ... gemstore items, on whatever rotation they're on, and not actually craftable. Gear drops are rarely more than salvage items. More often than not, the rewards just aren't rewarding. Which, for me, right now, is fine. I'm more engaged in the story, but once I'm caught up with that, then what? Why am I even logging in?

    I really, genuinely appreciate the approach ANet has taken with the gear progression and f2p model, and at the end of the day I really, really want to spend my time in Tyria. I'm not averse to paying a monthly subscription fee in exchange for rewarding content, and while I'll happily go spend my "monthly subscription money" on gems instead, that's only gonna go so far -- I'm not gonna buy things to use in a world I've no reason to log into. WoW and FF14 have both mastered the art of dangling the proverbial carrot, but I feel like that's what's letting ArenaNet down -- in their attempts to be player-forward, they've also diminished the things that keep players coming back.

    Thankfully, I've got quite a way to go before I get there, and until then, I'm enjoying the hell out of the experience. Or, perhaps "savoring" is a better word, because as I look at my plate, I can already tell that last, juicy morsel is going to be gone before I've had my fill...

  • JUN YANG.4328JUN YANG.4328 Member ✭✭✭

    on 2012 first release -"The most fun ever" then the rare start to drop. by the time i left 3 and half years ago. it drop to " boring " when 2019 i come back with POF its go back up to " kind of fun" now i am at "kind of boring"

  • Wizler.8192Wizler.8192 Member ✭✭✭
    Pretty fun.

    Right now I'm in farm/maintenance mode... working towards long-term goals like a heavy ascended armor set. So it takes work and resources that don't come overnight and it's not exciting but I persevere.

    I've enjoyed LWS5 so far and look forward to the next chapter. But I can do other things in the meantime.

  • Month over month, its getting worse. Mostly because WvW still doesn't have alliances to shake thing up (population wise).

  • kratan.4619kratan.4619 Member ✭✭✭

    Played pretty much daily since launch, still have so much to do I don't have time to be bored.