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Mastery Popup will not go away



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    @Xenrithious Lanzius.3598 said:

    @Gorkus.7496 said:

    It wouldn't shock me that the solution was to throw money at the game and forcing people to buy both expansions. That would explain why they are so reluctant to fix an annoyance that is easily addressed.

    I just played for the first time since I bought both expansions, played since launch, lvl 80 forever, had this annoying pop up the entire 10 mins I tried playing in the silverwastes: POP UP (trying to fight) POP UP (almost died) POP UP CLICK WHAT??? WHAT DO YOU WANTT?? YOU SAY NOTHING IDK WHAT YOUR FOR ex's out POP UP rq submit ticket

    Its that your experience is stuck and you need to play first mission in hot or pof to unlock gaining core tyria xp again.

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    now you all are starting to see what anoys me the most about the new games and the bigist issue is that they dont fix stuff for far to long. I am at a point i just quit becouse of the bugs that are not geting touched for over 5 years.

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    After I leveled up my first character to level 80 the natural way and went on exploring and doing things in parallel to the personal story, the popup started to harass me to the point I had to google the issue to find this forum thread. I abandoned the personal story and jumped into the expansion, and I don't feel like going back to part 8. Do I miss a lot if I skip the rest of it?

    If I understand the problem correctly, the only way to avoid the problem is to rush through part 8 as soon as one reaches level 80 - no crafting, no dungeons, no exploration, no events, no renown hearts, no bosses, no festival, just the story, hoping the experience bar won't reach the max until the last episode is over. This thread does not belong in the bug report forum, rather in a hypothetical "broken design" forum. Had I not found this thread, I may have quit playing.

  • This is kitten me off too. I own the kitten expansions, just got back to kitten game, get on my L80 character and see this all the kitten time while I'm just trying to kitten complete the kitten story quest.

    kitten fix it for kitten's kitten sake. I own the kitten expansions, and still get this constant kitten reminder. Now I remember why I left game in first place - feels too much like a nasty asian f2p game >.<

  • This is truly really annoying.

  • I'm not quite sure if this post changes anything (actually I think it does NOT since this bug is being reported for more than 2 years now...) anyways - yes, it is extremly annoying. Just reached lvl 80 with my char and I'm about to defend Lion's Arch.

    Now I will move to Maguuma and pop somewhere/anywhere into a point of the story I don't know anything about. What an amazing self-spoil-force. Don't like it, really thumbs down. Can't be that hard to fix this stupid little (and still so annoying) popup , can it?

  • I have both expansions and I now regret buying them because of this infuriating bug.

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    Why do people even use the level 80 boost, if they want to do the main story first? You're getting downleveled anyway in the maps. So... just get experience from the story missions.

    Was I able to help you or give you a hint? Click on Helpful and/or Thumbs up, I would appreciate it alot!
    When you encounter a bug ingame, at first you should file a ticket via the ingame command /bug, as only this way the devs will know exactly where you were, when the bug happened.

  • @Nokomis.5076 said:
    Why do people even use the level 80 boost, if they want to do the main story first? You're getting downleveled anyway in the maps. So... just get experience from the story missions.

    I never used the boost, still got the popup issue - see my July 10 post that details the situation.

  • 2020 and this bug still exists. Good job, ANet!

  • edited January 27, 2020

    I had the same problem with constant pop-up about using Central Tyria's Masteries which were locked.

    But finally I found workaround, I went to Guild Hall in Vabbi and in the area near it I earned few Path of Fire's mastery points. I don't know if earning points was needed, maybe you just need to go there - as in Domain of Vabbi there was no pop-up, so I don't know when exactly it unlocked, but at that time I checked panel for Masteries - and Central Tyria was finally unlocked, after using 3 point for 3 first level masteries, pop-up finally stopped appearing in Central Tyria.

    This is really bad pop-up. It was nagging all the time when I couldn't do anything - but when I was finally able to use points - there was no pop-up at all, this looks like it checks for full points only for a region where you are now and ignores if you can use them or not.

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    This bug happens because you're received a (red) Mastery Point from achievements, and it wants you to spend it, but you can't because Central Tyria mastery tracks are locked until you complete certain steps in the expansion zones.

    Here's the workaround, completely spoiler-free:
    1. Join a guild that has Gilded Hollow as their guild hall.
    2. Bring up your Guild panel and click the button that says "Guild Hall" to enter it from anywhere.
    2. Exit through the southwest portal in the guild hall to enter Auric Basin.

    This unlocks Exalted Lore:
    Unlocking any expansion mastery track unlocks the Central Tyria mastery tracks.

    Hannah | Daisuki[SUKI] Founder, Ehmry Bay | Mains Mariyuuna/Tempest(PvE), Terakura/Spellbreaker & Kitty Koume/Reaper(WvW) | ♀♥♀

  • Or, enter any Living World Season 4 map (sans Sandswept Isles)? That unlocks Crystal Champion.
    Or, Bjora Marches, unlocking Raven Attunement and the Essence Manipulations?

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    @Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:
    Or, enter any Living World Season 4 map (sans Sandswept Isles)? That unlocks Crystal Champion.
    Or, Bjora Marches, unlocking Raven Attunement and the Essence Manipulations?

    I don't think you can enter those maps without first doing story parts or using scrolls, except by TP to Friend item.

    Hannah | Daisuki[SUKI] Founder, Ehmry Bay | Mains Mariyuuna/Tempest(PvE), Terakura/Spellbreaker & Kitty Koume/Reaper(WvW) | ♀♥♀

  • I thought bug was only with locked masteries system, so after using workaround by Guild Hall to unlock it, I thought constant pop-up finally left me alone - but no... it come back to nag again.

    I was collecting points for the Noblesse Oblige (5 points) from the Pact Commander. I had 4 points collected, so 1 missing.
    When XP got full - constant nagging pop-up, which fully hide chat, appeared again... (good thing you can at least move chat to up-left corner)

    So, I had to search where to quickly get next point. As I wanted to complete this track, not start another.

    If checking for all requirements needed to use mastery is too complicated, then simple fix is to limit all pop-ups by cool-down time: if pop-up was closed, then don't show it again for a day or until changing a map or restarting the game. Or just delete mastery pop-up if it's so broken.

    And there should be option to just turn off all pop-ups.

  • Now I'm trying to unlock the Advanced Logistics, continuing the Pact Commander track, to make game more enjoyable without worrying about picking up loot.
    And pop-up nag me again! as I still need few more points.
    Pop-up only checks when XP bar is full... bar, which we clearly see at bottom of screen...
    This is the most useless yet the most nagging pop-up!

    • Pop-up nag if we won't unlock mastery system while we can't do it.
    • Then pop-up nag if we want to collect enough point to complete chosen mastery track. Pop-up orders us to waste point on whatever other basic mastery! (Why even give choice of track then?...)
    • It can't be closed! - It returns after several seconds!

    What's more, it was precisely placed to hide whole chat. And players check this area of screen frequently, to see new messages. So it can't be missed. And there is also big moving arrow near it, to even more hinder ignoring it.
    As there is still no reaction from ArenaNet... since 2017... so, only explanation: this is on purpose, just developer's joke...
    It's big and ultra nagging pop-up, so that's definitely a really lame offensive joke...

    If that's not a joke, then it's still offensive to show mandatory big pop-ups with no option to disable them.
    There should be pop-up blocker for games...

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    @DD39C89C-1C46-4F28-BDB7-49C86BA96CAD said:
    There should be pop-up blocker for games...

    LOL! Totally, I would buy one. I'm afraid this issue is not a bad joke but a sloppy design... like a GPS that covered the whole windshield, and you have to stop the car.

  • Good example with GPS, and that's why I can't imagine someone would seriously design it this way.
    Playing longer I see that rule to show pop-up has only 3 checks:

    • if level = 80
    • and - if XP bar is full
    • and - if there is ANY mastery which costs no more then points earned (so it informs only about the cheapest mastery).

    Pop-up text is false: "Your current ability is fully trained and ready to master!"
    It's not current. It checks ANY.
    So, pop-up is exact opposite of system which allow user to decide which track to learn. Pop-up forces to unlock all basic masteries first from every track, then next level from each track.

    I finally completed the Pact Commander, being nagged all the time, and started learning next track, and pop-up nag me again.

    They should either:

    • force automatic spending points on all masteries level by level from each track without asking player,
    • or fix/delete this useless pop-up if player allegedly can choose track.

    It should be trivial fix, unless whole UI code is totally messed up.

    For now, the pop-up just destroy game experience.

  • Perhaps, the Devs can't find the reason it affects some players, and not others. I don't know.
    The Devs must find the reason it bugs out to be able to fix it.

  • Watching how it works, the code must be totally different then it should. The thread is few years old. Doesn't seem they even tried to fix it. It affects players who didn't completed all Central Tyria masteries.

    I made a pop-up blocker macro.

    • It checks pixel's color at X=370, Y=1070 (orange exclamation mark). If the color is found, then close pop-up by ESC.
    • It sleeps 1000 ms between checks.
    • Resolution: 1920x1200.
    • Standard UI size (default).
    • Allow closing windows by ESC (default).
    • Change display to Windowed Fullscreen (it looks the same as normal Fullscreen, but allows macro to read color).
    • Compile using the AutoHotkey.

    After turning on the macro, Start / Stop pop-up blocker by F12.

    run := !run
    While, run
      PixelGetColor, color, 370, 1070
      If (color = 0x2278EA)
        Send {ESC}
      Sleep 1000

    If someone want to use it on different resolution:
    make a screenshot with visible pop-up and check position for orange exclamation mark, any full orange pixel at the middle.
    Insert that position below and run this, it will show pop-up with precise color value:

    PixelGetColor, color, 370, 1070
    MsgBox % color

    Then copy that color value and position to the macro.

    It works good, but can we use it?... or maybe we get banned for using macro...

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    @DD39C89C-1C46-4F28-BDB7-49C86BA96CAD said:
    It works good, but can we use it?... or maybe we get banned for using macro...

    Looks like a good workaround until the problem gets fixed (here's hoping), but you are right, it is wise to ask Support first.

  • And better add limit above hot-key definition:

    #MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2
  • After learning few masteries from the Heart of Thorns - pop-up finally stopped.
    So, starting from Central Tyria, the best workaround is to unlock masteries' system by Guild Hall (as above), then learn some cheap Central masteries. And do main missions to move with story to Heart of Thorns, after learning few green masteries, we can come back to complete side quests in Central Tyria.
    So, this pop-up is really bad and bugged.
    It shouldn't appear with masteries' system locked and it should already stop after learning some Central Tyria mastery.
    Even in Heart of Thorns the pop-up is still quite bad, it's big and appears in a middle of a fight. There is check for "outside combat", but it's too short, it's still during a fight when we don't have time to open masteries' panel. Fight is more important then choosing masteries.

  • Entering Auric Basin from Gilded Hollow didn't unlock anything.

  • I had no idea this has been going on for so long, after searching for this in Google, there are SO many posts from pissed of "" PAYING CUSTOMERS"". I am going through this (March 2020). I have unlocked Masteries, have a Glider (HOT), have a Raptor mount (POF)... I am a mentor in Core... I am out of mastery points and need to get more, but this darn popup keeps interfering with my gameplay. It is not fun to be told how to play... as well a not fun trying to gain more masteries with this darn popup coming up. I know... I know.... I need more mastery points. For God's sake fix this, or I'm done! Cannot play this way. This is SO darn stupid!!! Shame on the dev's not fixing this after SO many posts for SO many years on this issue; pissing customers off and forcing people a path (in an open world game), as well as having people quit the game. And i am sure others felt the same way. Just do a Google search, lol. Pathetic!
    EDIT: forgot to mention... just for clarification... I have all three exp bars for all three area (Core, HOT, POF) maxed... waiting for masteries. This is total... mvm, guess it's time to move on cause I was too stupid to focus on masteries, instead of having fun in the 3 zones in a game I purchased and continue to support. Unreal!!!

  • Agree with all sentiments. I have, for the first time ever, leveled a character to 80 with no boosting - just following my personal story path and completing maps along the way. I have maxed the new 'xp' bar, having just acquired the fiery power core to a big bomb to use in my story's next chapter and now, with every single mob I kill this damnable pop-up is driving me crazy. I am new to GW2 but not MMORPGs and will not be dictated to when and where I must go if I can experience the 'history' and lore of the game world more naturally. I want to meet characters at the appropriate time and place and BE a part of the world's history. I do not want to be directed to the Jungles of Maguuma to go meet with an old friend i've never met and have them talk about 'that time we slew a dragon, eh? Shame about your old partner getting his head bitten off...' only to then go and meet with my partner back in my 'old' storyline, feeling guilty about now sending him into battle against said dragon. kitten?!

    No. I may have paid for the expansions, (only because they were on offer and you can't pass up a good deal,) but I would rather go back to WoW than be shown this level of contempt by the devs. If i'd have known in advance, I would have saved myself the purchase price and time wasted leveling.

    To clarify, I have no mount, no glider, only 3 Elite skills trained - which are not yet in use - and 9 Central Tyria Mastery points earned through playing. (Of course I can do nothing with these points, according to the Masteries tab, until I go to the Heart of Maguuma or the Crystal Desert and complete expansion story material.)
    All other Skills & Specializations are fully trained. I have completed Chapter 6 of my story and am about to do 'Breaking the Bone Ship'. I have gone nowhere near LW, HoT or PoF content and have no intention to do so; an OG player would not have had access to that content yet, and I want to experience the stories in order, as closely as the current game version allows.

    Could anyone clarify exactly how I might try the macro from 7 posts earlier? Is it a windows macro or some kind of in-game macro? It looks like my only hope to keep playing the game!

  • @mamapapaxp.9203: as in instruction, compile using the AutoHotkey.

    But first you can try go through a guild hall to Domain of Vabbi or Auric Basin, and open masteries' panel, Central's are unlocked in those locations (small padlock). And use points there, if you come back to Central without using points, masteries will be locked again.

    This gives you some time to continue Central Tyria's story without pop-up, to get to Heart of Thorns in normal way.

  • @Azteck.2947: maybe list your masteries to compare what makes a problem.

    Pop-up checks for the cheapest mastery.
    Having few Central's points available and any unlearned mastery for that cost - pop-up will nag all the time being in Central.
    Until you finish masteries' tutorial in expansion or spend points.
    This will nag:

    Central Tyria (available: 5)

    • Pact Commander (5/5)
    • Legendary Crafting (3/4) [learning]
    • Fractal Attunement (1/4)

    But after learning few Heart of Thorns' masteries, 2 or 3 were needed (I started Gliding, then Exalted, then Itzel Lore): pop-up finally stopped everywhere.
    Now I have few more masteries, but those didn't break anything yet.

    Heart of Thorns (available: 5)

    • Gliding (6/6)
    • Itzel Lore (1/6)
    • Exalted Lore (4/5) [learning]
    • Nuhoch Lore (1/6)
    • Ancient Magics (6/6)

    Path of Fire (available: 15)

    • Raptor Mount (4/4)