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[Fanfic] Chronicles of the GhostCaller

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Will Update this section after chapter 3 is complete, been busy, this top post is just to start the thread and for announcements and such, humbly request that you don't post here, other than that I'm having to reformat the first two chapters for the shiny new forums so that might take a bit of time, bear with me


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    Chapter 1: The Guardian that turned to Darkness

    Time: 1324 AE

    Vulon Warcaller moved carefully through the plains, it was still mid-day, the sun high in the sky, the yellow grass flowing calmly in the wind. "Remind me again how you talked me into this?" the low growl echoed from his right. "Lycus...you agreed that if I helped you with observing the flame legion discretely, you would help me investigate the catacombs" Vulon growled back at his younger brother. Lycus turned his head and muttered something under his breath, Vulon briefly considered asking if Lycus would prefer to just wait outside, but quickly reminded himself that entering the catacombs without backup would be suicide. As the pair of charr approached the entrance Vulon couldn't help but think of all the potential discoveries they could make. Most charr only ever entered the catacombs to drive back the ghosts, but Vulon was determined to recover some artifacts he could look over.** "If we die...I'm not going to be happy Vulon"** Lycus said with what passed for a grin forming on his face, "Well, if we do, at least I won't have to listen to your complaints anymore" Vulon responded with a chuckle as he quickly entered the catacombs before Lycus could respond.

    The sunny grass and blue sky that characterized the Plains of Ashford slowly gave way to the cold and emptiness of the Ascalonian Catacombs as Vulon descended the staircase and entered the first chamber. He felt his fur bristle as he realized he wasn't alone but quickly relaxed when he remembered Lycus. Without a word Vulon carefully placed one paw in front of the other has he felt the smooth stone that made up the floor. A burst of light blindsided Vulon as he shielded his eyes, "Sorry" Lycus quickly apologized as he dimmed the conjured flames. "Just be careful, we don't want to cause..."A small click cut Vulon off as he stepped forward "Look out!"** Lycus roared as the ceiling began to crumble, "Run for it!" Vulon managed to shout before the only known escape route was blocked off, "Vulon!" was all he could hear as he staggered backwards. The last thing he remembered was a large stone heading straight towards him.

    After regaining consciousness Vulon rolled himself over and pressed his paws into the cold stone of the crypt. Lycus was nowhere to be seen, likely stuck on the other side of the cave-in. Getting up slowly he leaned against the rubble as a sharp pain rippled through his spine. After what felt like days the pain and confusion finally began to subside. Glancing around he managed to spot two paths, the first was buried in old stone that once served as the roof but with effort it was possible he could make a path the second was shrouded in darkness. Deciding that the second pathway would likely be the safest as shifting heavy rubble would more than likely attract unwanted attention. Vulon cautiously padded towards the dark pathway. Checking for traps or signs of the ghosts he carefully began walking through the unfamiliar passage. The hallway was not long, though progress was slow as Vulon was forced to avoid scraping his armor or weapons on the walls.

    "Have you heard anything regarding the beast?" Vulon froze as he heard the echoing voice of a ghost. "The one that was found in the catacombs? It's Dead, Ascalon has nothing to worry about" the voices seemed to be coming from a nearby chamber. "Are you sure? I've seen what they are capable of..." moving carefully Vulon managed to spot the two glowing figures as he leaned around the corner, one appeared to be an ancient warrior, clad in traditional Ascalonian plate armor, the other wore simple but sturdy leather, likely a ranger. "I understand your concern, but I have been assured that the charr have not discovered any weakness in our defenses" the scout replied as he adjusted the longbow on his back, "Very well...I'll return to the village and let them know the good news...thank you" the warrior quickly spoke and with a shaky salute sprinted off, as the warrior disappeared into the darkness the scout began to fade away and within moments they were both gone.

    Vulon stood for a moment, he had seen what the ghosts were capable of, but it was rare to remember they weren't so different from his people once...shaking his head he emerged from his hiding place and stepped into the chamber where the specters once stood. The chamber was massive, great pillars of stone reached to a spherical roof covered in what appeared to once have been some type of ink. As his eyes adjusted he managed to make out what looked like graves, "Must've been some sort of burial chamber" he muttered to himself as he approached one of the tombs to examine it further. The cold feeling of stone was interrupted by a shifting of what sounded like paper beneath his paws, startled Vulon clambered backwards onto all fours and quickly glared at whatever caused the disturbance. "A book..." he growled as he berated himself for jumping at something so innocuous, upon closer inspection it appeared that the book had fallen from one of the rooms above, deciding it would be worth keeping in remembrance of his little expedition he turned and climbed up the partly ruined stairs of the main exit. Spotting the light of the sun as he made it to the top Vulon quickly sunk his claws into whatever crevices he could find and managed to clamber up a relatively steep boulder, as he reached through the gap he could feel the familiar grass of the plains on his paws, with a few more mighty heaves Vulon finally managed to escape the catacombs. "Last time I ever decide to go underground with only my brother" Vulon growled as he began to pad towards the black citadel, remembering the strange tome he had picked up Vulon quickly examined the odd scribblings. It was written in a strange language unfamiliar to him...with a heavy sigh he put the book away and began padding back towards the Black Citadel, as he walked he thought of who would be able to help him with his discovery, he wasn't certain why, but the book intrigued him. Shaking his head, Vulon reminded himself that he should reunite with his brother before anything else...

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    Chapter 2: Whispers in the Stone

    Time: 1324 AE

    The sound of snow crunching beneath metal echoed around the mountainous region of Lornar's Pass. Vulon Warcaller moved slowly through the region that the Norn called "The Winterthaw Snowfield" the cold pierced his metal armor with ease and even managed to seep through his thick white fur. He recalled with regret how he had ended up so far from the Black Citadel, after finding an odd tome while attempting to escape the Ascalonian Catacombs that snaked beneath the Plains of Ashford he decided to contact the Durmand Priory in order to discover what the tome was meant for. Unfortunately the translation was proving to be much more difficult than he initially suspected and, in return for the translation, Vulon had offered his services to the priory...a decision that he now regretted.

    The priory's research had been recently interrupted by a race of creatures known as the dredge. Vulon was familiar with the strange creatures as they had proven to be a nuisance to the mining operations back in Ascalon but, according to the priory, this was different. "All this for a translation of an old book...with my luck, it will be nothing more than a list of proper seating arrangements for festivals" Vulon muttered under his breath as he moved slowly over the mounds of snow. As he approached the abandoned research site he heard what sounded like dredge. He was never one to shy away from a fight, but with no way of knowing how many were nearby he quickly scrambled up a nearby small hill and hid behind a pair of rock spires. Trying to ignore the cold water that now clung to his paws he carefully looked around one of the stones he was using for cover.

    "Any signs of the dwarf sympathizers?" Vulon managed to hear as he spotted a pair of dredge patrolling the site. "Nothing, do you think that they have come to their senses and will leave us to our work?" the pale creature asked his companion. "No, these ones are different...persistent, mark my words, they will return eventually" the dredge replied with a heavy sigh. Being careful to hold his breath Vulon waited another moment before carefully searching for the patrol once more. Sighing with relief when he saw them continue away from him, Vulon crept out from behind his hiding place, carefully entering the mine through the pair of wooden pillars. Remembering that caves carry sound easily he made sure to drop down on all fours in order to distribute his weight more evenly. Wandering in, he heard what sounded like machinery, not unlike the technology of the black citadel. Though this sounded more...crude, as if it was hastily made out of old scrap and wooden logs. Breathing carefully he peered over the ledge and down into the pit where the priory had began their excavation. The cave was surprisingly well lit thanks to a massive hole in the wall that gave way to open sky and sunlight. Vulon noted the massive drill and set of gears as well as abandoned pickaxes and shovels. No doubt in his mind, the dredge were looking for artifacts just like the priory was, though Vulon doubted it was for the same reasons. Turning around he quickly exited the cavern-like structure and wasted no time in sprinting back towards the path that lead to the rendezvous point that he had agreed on.

    Exhausted from running on all fours in the heavy snow, Vulon finally met his Priory contact at the cascade bridge. "Anything to report?" the asura asked dryly. "You were right, the dredge are definitely continuing where you left off, they're utilizing the site in order to excavate various dwarven artifacts" Vulon managed to say in-between breaths. Grunting the contact replied "Of course we were right, now if you'll excuse me I have to return to the priory, you've wasted enough time" the asura snapped before turning around. "Wait...what about the translation?" Vulon demanded, stopping immediately the asura sighed with impatience and quickly handed Vulon the tome as well as a small book bound with ruined leather. "Here, the book contains everything you need to translate it, judging by the language its Canthan in origin" the asura quickly said before turning around and continuing on his way back. Vulon wasn't familiar with anything related to Cantha...he opened his mouth to ask more questions but stopped himself, the asura's patience was already thin. Sighing heavily he decided that if he was ever going to get answers, he would need more than just a translation key. "Wait!" Vulon shouted at the priory researcher, the asura quickly turned around and with fists clenched glared at Vulon. "What now?" the priory researcher demanded. His contacts impatience was the last thing on Vulon's mind as he finally came to a conclusion. "I want to join the Durmand Priory"

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