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Suggestion: Let us get Mini Mr. Sparkles again...

Just saw someone in Bjora Marches with this now unobtainable mini. Can we please get another chance at getting this long unobtainable mini again?

Bring back Ceara


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    I already have the mini but I've been surprised that it was never made available again after that first time. I'm fairly certain I'm not the only person in this game still trying to collect mini pets and this is the kind of thing that can put someone off trying, because they know they'll never be able to complete the collection. It would be great if it was made available again, even if it was only periodically via the original method. (You had to buy 4000 gems with real money in December 2013, you didn't have to spend them to get the mini, you could use them to buy other stuff, but you had to have paid for them in December.)

    And yes it is cool that it's taller than some characters. There's a few other minis like that, including the Steam Hulk, Toxic Hybrid. Oddly the mini giant is a bit shorter, it's exactly the same height as my minimum height asura.

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