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New player! kinda lost~

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So as the tittle say, im a new player, i start playing gw2 a couple days ago, got a character to lvl 32 and then decided that this game was in fact for me! so i left my previous game once and for all (FFxiv) and got the pack with both expansions.... well the x2 lvl 80 booster are too tempting not to use them you know xD and i really wanted to test different classes on max level (i later found out that you can do exactly the same on pvp lobby, and even betetr cuz you have acces to elite spect there.... anyway) .... Long short, spent the whole day testing classes and weapon, and used the 80 booster in the one i liked the most...... now im not sure if that was a good idea, i mean my teleports now cost silver :O it was a couple copper before and now its 1 silver D: thats a lot for someone with like 1 gold ..... moving on, im so overwhelmed right now cuz i feel i have so many things to do, yet i dont know what to do being lvl 80 already.... imma summarise some basic question, but if there's something you feel i need to know please any tip is welcomed here!
Side note: new on the game, been playing MMos for like 9 years (? omg i feel so old!

Character progression specific questions:
1- What's with that mastery thing o.o i filled the exp bar and now it says i gotta do something with the mastery point o.o i found online about it but im still not sure how to spent that, or what should i get first
2- Hero points, to my surprise i wanted to play DH, but then the booster did not level my elite spec and now i need a huge amount of hero points to unlock it, and i mean i got a few points from leveling when i was on my first character but what about now? how do i get those points?
3- Like what should i be doing right now o.o doing maps? farming EQ?
3.1- if doing maps, like any map? or certian lvl X map to get Y reward from doing it?
3.2- if farming Eq/gear, where/how o.O and what xD
4- For real what should i be doing o.o
5- Is there any "MUST" have from gem store? (more like "if you have gems, this is what you should get first before spending into anything else") i got the pack that comes with 4k gems and im not sure how to spend them other than fashion.

General game question:
A- Does server matters other than WvW? (ill eventually get into that, i love pvp, yet i need to get used to the game first)
B- Is pvp stuff balanced arenas? (as in your gear doesnt matter)
C- Whats the best option to find a guild? im starting to play the game with a friend, tho she is busy this week os she is going to start next week, she gave me the job to find us a guild but im not really sure how.
C+A- like should i aim for a guild that is on my server or it doesnt matter? (i read somewhere this game use megaservers so only region matters in open)
D- How important is crafting?
E- whats the point of completing a map other than the equpment listed in there?
F- Really if oyu have any suggestion/tip/whatever please share it with me

Ty very much!


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    Welcome to Gw2. 9 years mmos? Don't worry, I was playing RS back in 2006 for many years and other games. You ain't alone!

    I'll try to answer your points best as I can... your initial batch of questions:

    • Mastery system - you must select a 'track' in the mastery panel. E.g; "Glider basics". Doing this will enable an XP bar that must be filled. Once you have filled the bar and on the condition you HAVE the required mastery points (only 1 in total for glider basics) then you can complete it hence 'master' it. I would recommend getting gliding out of the way first then things like bouncing mushrooms, Nuhoch wallows.
    • Hero points - you can collect these in core Tyria maps (worth regular 1 each) OR HoT maps (worth 10 core hero points per hero point in HoT). You need 250 hero points to unlock your HoT elite spec or in other words - 25 HoT hero points. You can also use Proofs of Heroics (earned in WvW) to unlock your elite spec which again, buying 25 of the HoT hero point scroll things with Proofs will fully unlock your elite spec.
    • A lot of new players seem to want to level to 80 ASAP... which defeats the purpose of experiencing the game naturally via levelling up + learning how to play the game. That statement is very subjective and you are of course free to play how you wish but I highly recommend levelling up a character the oldschool way via map exploration, events, heart quests etc to get a feel for how your class functions and what you can do. I think once you've learned the mechanics of your class engaging in competitive content against or with other players makes you a better player in general since by then you'll know how to survive and what you can offer to group content such as dungeons, fractals, raids, WvW squads, parties and so much more. But generally speaking, yeah - farm maps for currencies, enjoy the content, join a guild and participate in as many events as you can.
    • Yes. If you want a certain reward you need to do the content required for it - even if it means an event within a specific area of a map.
    • I think starting out you'll be content with using whatever gear drops along the way. Exotic gear (level 80) can be purchased off the TP and are pretty cheap once you get some gold income. That or they can be crafted but crafting is expensive and more required for later tiers of gameplay like completing achievements, 'quests', crafting ascended/legendary gear etc.
    • Just play the game and enjoy yourself, make some friends along the way, make someone's day by helping them out! There's many things.
    • Gem store related stuff is subjective and it depends who you ask. What is worth buying from there you ask? First and foremost I'd say Shared Inventory Slots considering ANY character you log into will be able to utilize whatever you put into that slot instead of having to shift it around every time you want to swap characters. I understand with HoT you probably already have one unlocked which is good. Gathering tools (very QoL and never run out), any of the Salvage-o-matics (for mass salvaging), Bank Tab Expansion and/or material expansions are pretty common on the list considering there is SO MUCH STUFF gets thrown at you these days you're gonna' run out of space fast, sadly. The rest is either aesthetics or more QoL features.

    Your general game questions:

    • Servers do not matter UNLESS you do WvW or hardcore server specific guilds. Gw2 upgraded to the megaserver system years ago.
    • PvP does not use the gear system, however, you MUST equip at least your weapons AND full 6 armor set (doesn't matter what tier/quality of armor) to utilise the rune + sigil bonuses otherwise you're gimping yourself and setting your team up for a loss.
    • Finding a guild in Gw2 is relatively easy. Gw2 official forum threads exist for guilds advertising. Other websites exist, too. You will come across players all too often advertising in-game via map chat that they are recruiting.
    • You should figure what what kind of content you enjoy doing most (PvE, PvP, WvW) and find a respective guild that engages in that content on a regular basis. There's no point joining a WvW guild if you're going to be amiss on reset day all the time.
    • Crafting is very important in any MMO. It enables you to craft higher tier gear, is required for end-game-like content, achievements, 'quests', possibly living story content and much more. It's expensive but once you have it you don't ever have to worry about maxing it again unless you delete that character you obtain 500 crafting on.
    • Completing a map is important for those who are working towards world completion (100% all zones) which is also required for crafting a core legendary weapon (Gift of Exploration), 100% completion is also helpful in case any future content that is tied to a specific map results in less travel for you (you can just waypoint there in seconds).

    I don't have any further tips (unless you have more questions) other than to explore the game on your own accords and enjoy!

    Hope that helps answer your questions.

  • Wow really, i cant thank you enought everyone who took the time to answer! this has been really helpfup !

  • endurio.7065endurio.7065 Member ✭✭
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    If I were you, just starting as a new player. I would create a fresh level 1 character and play the core campaign first. It is called My Story and it unlocks at level 10. In between explore the world, run around and discover all the Waypoints and beat the Hero Challenges (these give you hero points to unlock your skills) in the maps.

    Map completion (doing the hearts, vista's, waypoints, etc...) gives you extra rewards amongst them Transmutation Charges that can be used to change the skin of your weapons/armor. Check the skin of everything you get as loot to unlock the skin.

    Checking the Hero panel (H) and the achievements page is a good place to start looking for some short/mid term goals. Achievement points earned are account wide (so accumulated over all characters), the achievement reward for 5000 points has some nice goodies btw (like 400 gems). Every day you logon you will get a daily login reward chest and a list of daily events that can be completed, doing any 3 of the daily events will earn you another 10 achievement points + spirit shards (currency needed for ascended and legendary crafting later on).

    google "gw2 builds" and find a build for your character, helps you work towards skills and weapons
    on gw2wiki find a nice ascended weapon to work towards as a longer term goal, will give you an idea what material to collect and what crafting discipline to level up

    GW2 is overwhelming, there are countless things to do, I can't do them all so don't get drowned and make your own little list of short/mid/long term goals.

  • I agree with all the other posts but in my opinion the most important thing to do is to enjoy the beautiful world they have created for us and Have Fun! There is usually a lot of people around that will help if you ask in map chat. If you see someone who is a mentor (apple looking item above their character's head), they are there to help and answer questions. I have been here since launch and it is a great community with lots of things to do and explore.

    I do wish you well and welcome to Tyria,

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    So many questions! I'll trust in the above responses to guide you, but I wanted to leave a drop of wisdom that might help.

    In game, you can use the /wiki command with keywords, items, etc to be directed to the GW2's official wiki page.

    Want to know when a boss will show? /wiki et will take you to the Event Timers page, very handy for finding something to do or scheduling an event.

    Many alts! Handle it!

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    Just gonna add that a great place to start is with a little map completion. You definitely don't need to 100% things right now (although that will give you good mastery XP, + a thing for gen 1 legendary weapons), but grabbing a few waypoints on each map will be very helpful. End game content will often bring you back to earlier maps for masteries, achievements, collections, new events, etc., plus rewards from playing low-level maps will scale to your level. Running around grabbing waypoints will also help you find more hero points, and while it'll be much faster to unlock an elite spec by getting hero points from HoT maps, every little bit helps.

    Also: map completing a capital city (Divinity's Reach, Lion's Arch, Rata Sum, etc.) will give you a transmutation charge.

    Also also: Some places are a bit tricky to find. People are usually happy to help if you ask about it in map chat.

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    I would suggest leveling your first character without the level boost. Going straight to 80 cuts out a lot of the fun of the game, can be overwhelming and yes your level effects the WP cost.

    Getting your elite spec is best done in HoT maps due to the 10 Hero Points you get for a challenge, but you will want to be well versed in your class before going into the jungle as there is a difficulty spike (another reason to level from the ground up).

    Must have from the Gemstore would be the Copper Fed Salvage-O-Matic, life changer. If you want to get other things I could maybe suggest the infinite gathering tools because they let you go mad gathering and you never need to feel bad when you run up to a Rich node and get "no gathering tool equipped."