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First I am not sure if this goes here or is allowed but I really wanted to share. I have been playing this game since head start and it has always had a wonderful community but it just got better. I normally try to share my nearly full home instance with the community and I advertise it as missing an ori node as that was the last one I needed. But today some one sent me the ori node with a kind note that it was noticed that they see me helping people a lot. It was by far the kindest thing that I have had happen in my time of Guild Wars 1 and 2 and I wanted to share that with the community.



  • Nice. Congratulations.

    Perhaps, it's a secret admirer on Valentine's Day. :wink:

  • While it's not nearly as nice as a node for your home instance, I always try to tip leaders of any train I join a gold or two depending on how many maps we cover. In my own way I hope it encourages people to continue leading them.

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    That is really cool! People like that are why this game is fun.

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    I think one of my favourite things about this game is how common it is to be playing in a starter map and see people (with or without mentor tags) offering to answer any questions from new players or give them any help they need. That and knowing if a jumping puzzle is one of the dailies there will be people there on mesmers ready to help people through it, either teleporting them to the end or giving help and advice on the route. (On EU there's entire guilds dedicated to doing that.)

    It's really nice to see how many people are willing to take some time out of their day to help others like that. :)

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    Yeah, GW2 has one of the friendliest and generous communities I have ever seen in a game.

  • Whenever I'm going to gather my home instance I usually check the LFG to see if there's anyone asking for one.
    I like gathering in Rata Sum because everything is close and neatly ordered.
    It's fun when someone notices the easter egg in the home garden. I plated Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.

    The only issue I've got with sharing my home instance is that sometimes people give me money even though I put a big "FREE" at the start of the LFG.

    I'm missing just Simon the celestial cat myself. I never got around getting the lil' fella, and now fractal LFGs ask for ludicrous amounts of KP.
    They should give those tokens an amazing sink so people would be insane to hoard them for KP and start using something non-stackable for KP, or just achievements.

  • It is breath-taking how kind people can be. Years ago someone donated Dusk to me so I could make Twlight. I now make it a point to help other people whenever I can.

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    my favorite is res random new players downed on early levels maps.

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