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Make an Option to switch forums background color from white to black



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    @Gaile Gray.6029 said:
    In relation to switching the forums from white to black, that would require a substantial amount of work, and it's not something that we are planning. We saw the same request when the original forums launched, but they seemed to do ok with the one iteration, and we're intending to stay with that for the foreseeable future.

    The old Forum had enough color to be pleasant. This has too many greys and way less red. It is really not as easy to read as it was promoted.
    I can't really believe such a modern and actually common feature nowadays has been forgotten

  • I understand it would be a lot of work, but if Anet ever does make a black background option, I'd support it.

  • @Lambent.6375 said:
    Is the op in jail? This seems like vinalla foums, I remember they had that feature, lol.

    Yes I am actually ... wow someone noticed.
    Apparently i violated some terms 3 times granting me 3 days of restricted forum use.
    Imo its a really decent system, just in my case it didnt reaally make sense.
    1 day for reposting, 2 days for reporting a comment that "insulted" me twice :/

  • For feedback, please post in our feedback thread, so that we can see the full flow of comments, input, concerns, etc.

    If one piece of your feedback is that the feedback thread needs to be moved here to GW2 Discussion, you can share that. In that thread, please. :)

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