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White screen when logging in

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Anyone an idea?
The new forum is nice and all, but this bug makes me hate Guild Wars 2 atm.


  • The thread you linked to has players talking about a white screen, but still being able to hear music and see the cursor. Unfortunately I don't know anything about that.

    However, there is some similar behavior that I have experienced and recently figured out. I don't know that this will help you on your issue, but it may help others experiencing white screens.

    tl;dr: players using command line variables should check for typos and verify their login through email or SMS.

    From time to time I would click my shortcut to the game and encounter a full white screen with nothing else, not even sound. And it would sit there like that indefinitely. Ugh. Well, I use variables on a number of my shortcuts; they're set to log in to my account with X email address and Y password, and to skip the launcher altogether and just load up the game.

    If the password in my shortcut line is wrong, then the screen will hang white.
    If, say, my IP address changes and I am prompted for SMS or email verification, then the screen will hang white.
    If there's an game update, then the screen will hang white.

    The root cause of this turned out to be my choice to include the -nopatchui variable; it hides the launcher, and it's the launcher that would typically tell me that my password is wrong, or that I need to verify my login attempt. Without that launcher interface, I can't see that the game is updating or waiting on my response, so all I get is a solid white screen that I have to ALT-F4 out of. Players who launch the game in a manner similar to me should have a separate shortcut consisting of only the .exe path and -image. This will open the launcher, fully update the game, and then close the launcher. After that you can proceed as normal.

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    I don't use variables, except for -repair, which I have to each time when I want to play the dam game.

  • Have you contacted the Tech CS Team for assistance? Accessed via the 'Support' link and 'Submit a Ticket'.

    Good luck.