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[Game] Elementalist Attunement UI

I seem to recall this was a bug a long time ago that was fixed. It seems to have appeared again very recently (either the last big patch, or a small post patch).

Sometimes when I zone, or login, or maybe come out of being transformed, or maybe other things, the UI does not indicate which of the attunements is currently active. If you switch to another attunement and back, it’s fine, until whatever causes it happens again.

I mean, we know because of the abilities we have, and even the ‘color’ of those abilities, just a minor annoyance, so I raised my hand. :)

In the event I don't get a chance, thank you all for the company and help when I needed it from time to time.


  • Yes, seen it. Annoying but not a deal breaker of any sort. A UI issue for sure.

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    At least with the Weaver it will be a lesser problem due to the bar under the attunement showing which two elements you are using.
    Also it is in the current issues list and being investigated.

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