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Revenant Targeting Bugs

So, I'll try to keep Anet up to date on the 2 year old bugs:

Precision Strike

  • Still aims at none exsistant targets like: Flagpoles/Medic Kits hanging on Flagpoles (WvW, at Sentries) and walls
  • Skill has priority on hitting as many targets as it can, with 3 targets around all in different range, the projectiles do not all hit the closest target

Unrelenting Assault

  • Aims at none exsistant targets like: Flagpoles/medic kits, and NPCs or something else which is way out of range (Issue at Speldan, EB, WvW: Character is ported range 3000 to the Juvenile Bears for some reason and ported back, goes so fast you cant see whats targeted, nothing in combat log).
  • Should priorize on the target

Warding Rift

  • Aims at none exsistant targets like: See above...

Rift Containment (Oh yes, a bug with underwater weapons)

  • Youre not able to hit a target moving at regular speed, regardless if its swimming or walking

The first 3 bugs are reported since 2 years. I hope someone is working on them.


  • Hey,
    I had a Post over in the old forum about precision strike and where these targeting issues occur, since some of them got fixed quite some time ago, others (as you mentioned) are still present. Is it fine if I copy what I found (yes I actually made a list) to this thread?

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    I think the reason for the new forum is they no longer work with the vendor that hosted the old one. If you have a helpful list of bugs that are still in the game, I would certainly copy/paste that list here so it doesn't vanish. They may archive the old one, but it's nice to have it easily found in the new forum.

    Lost in the Maguuma (TC)
    For the geographically challenged, yes, Tarnished Coast is located IN the Maguuma Jungle.

  • So... The original Thread was about the anomaly boss in thaumanova fractal, you may remember it being displaced at 50% etc. Benjamin Arnold actually took some time to explain what the bug was about in a game mechanics way. Here is a part of it, that concerns us.
    "These types of gadgets are called “skill launchers” and are used in places throughout the game, though we try to avoid them these days as they have a tendency to be buggy. For instance, until last year, some player skills such as the revenant sword 2 would randomly target these skill launchers, and players would see their projectiles flying at invisible objects."
    When I replied that this still happens, his answer was "That’s not Skill Launchers, it’s probably hand placed invisible gadgets."
    Basically I made a list every time I saw this happening, because I think it's important to know in order to narrow this down. so here is what I found so far (screens will be added soon):

    Underground facility

    • the doors you need to open through standing on platforms at beginning of the fractal
    • dredge corpses

    Molten Boss

    • during endfight, random directions (maybe fire aoe by molten firestorm)


    • harpy corpses in jumping sections

    Mai Trin

    • cannons placed on the walls in last room


    • electric floors you need to shut down at the beginning
    • rotating force fields right after
    • machine above frizz in last room


    • captives at first shaman encounter (after running from boulders)

    Solid Ocean

    • at endfight, screenshot

    Open World

    • the outlet of thermal tubes (tested in bitterfrost frontier, ember bay, draconis mons, see screenshot)

    Bloodstone Fen

    • ground zero at a northeast wall (see screenshot)
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    Thanks for adding the PvE issues! I just know the WvW stuff.